Drew and Mike – #034

June 23, 2016 | Download the File


  • Drew and Marc Host
  • Charles Pugh arrested in New York to face criminal sexual charges.
  • Drew shares the story of entitlement.
  • With all the Juice-ness as of late with the OJ documentary, how about a call into Norman Pardo?
  • Led Zeppelin wins their copyright lawsuit.
  • Going through a list of the top 10 songs that Led Zeppelin ripped off.
  • White Boy Rick denied re-sentencing by Michigan Supreme Court.  This leads Marc to wander back through the streets of OTIS.
  • Rick Tyler wants to “Make ‘Mericuh White Again“.
  • Kathryn Bigelow and Bowe Berghdal.
  • Remember those Casey Anthony jailhouse calls with the folks?
  • Who is the hottest female to commit murder?
  • Ian Halperin ponders if the Kim and Ray J sex tape was intentional.
  • Some more from the Bobby Brown book “Every Little Step”.
  • This is the Year Of The Bird Shit… according to Marc.
  • Is there security camera footage of Orlando shooter and his gay lover having rendezvouses at the dumpy Ambassador hotel?

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