Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of WRIF –Download

  • Celebrity Rolodex Quick Christmas Greetings – Download
  • Schmidt Guilty of Second Degree Murder – Download
  • Stan Johnson Interview – Download

Tape 65 Collection – January – Download

  • Michigan Militia
  • Call to the golden gate bridge about its 1000th jumper
  • TC, elvis birthday
  • Lynn Elliot missed field goal talk
  • Best of 95 cliff notes outbreak
  • Movie the Caddy outtakes, jerry lewis, dean martin dead at age 78
  • TC, C talk, TC’s BMX trick, trudi’s kid wanted a hot tub, Elvis
  • Flintstones Gay Fred and Barney
  • Cliff notes bridges of madison county
  • Call to a stud service for dogs and horses
  • Jackson call about the breakup with lisa marie (marcel marceu)
  • Call to Chris Farley woke him up
  • Roach loves the trails the puck makes on Fox in the hockey game
  • Talk about the Challenge transcripts+ bitch sticker requests
  • Tom Arnold on some TV awards show
  • TC, bob knight
  • Bob boner w/ Lawrence – wants to sell the prowler
  • Waiting to exhale with Roach
  • Looney tune Alannis Morrisette
  • Guilty production presents – the OJ interview outtakes
  • challenger transcripts
  • WLLZ death eulogy for the WLLZ record collection (changed to Jazz music station)

Tape 66 Collection – January – March – Download

  • TC, bob hope Singapore canning
  • The magic of magic part 1
  • Jackson at a Superbowl party with WILT
  • Short recap of the Henny Youngman interview
  • Tito Jackson
  • Goofing around with the henny youngman interview
  • The sodomizer fitness tool
  • Jerry springer interview about his music CD
  • Top 10 ways pat buchanan celebrated his victory
  • Bob boner selling cars from bottom of lakes
  • Mr. stress mortgage commercial
  • A disney monkey doll chants “squash bananas up his ass”
  • TC, George burns died, Bob hope
  • looney tune – 3 inch tool
  • TC, Stump Howard
  • Looney tune Glistening – bush
  • Drew and Mike ID by the Rugburns
  • TC, Tanya Harding video, and wants to return to skating, Batanya
  • Mr pocket microphone
  • Call to a spring break hotel for the rowdiest room (they got WRIF listeners)
  • Refer trivia for Garcia Stamp
  • Looney tune – 3 inch tool
  • Bob boners own dog sled race
  • MTV music awards recap, magic johnson returns to play ball, drew sports
  • John dupont prison wrestling (he shot a wrestler)
  • TC, stump howard (13yr old dave)
  • Song up in smoke (small clip)
  • TC stump howard
  • Mr stress and Trudi cell phone commercial

January 23, 1996 – Download

  • Unpaid Intern Mike Wolters
  • Stump Bob Hope

January 31, 1996 – Download

  • Nick Music
  • O.J. Simpson outtakes, Part 2

March 14, 1996 – Download

  • Billy Sims
  • Bob Knight 3/14/96


Tape 67 Collection – April – Download

  • Real audio of bill clinton,
  • Oklahoma city bombing
  • Trudi news “I want stanley song”
  • Drew sports
  • TC, stump howard
  • Weird Al song Amish paradise, Drew sports “i want stanley song complaints”
  • Mickey redmond red wing game talk
  • Songs from the Zamboni’s – away game-shot score-referees daughter-slapshot love-take off that mask
  • Drew sports, story of a drunk guy being chased in tiger stadium waiting for KISS tickets
  • Trudi news, jimmy the greek dies
  • Harris poll is michael irving annoying
  • Medical story – a microwave egg cooker in a guys ass
  • Red Wing talk

Tape 68 Collection – April – Download

  • Trudi news animal testing, modonna and rodman
  • Drew sports, top 10 new ford slogans
  • Mitsubitchy slut commercial
  • Interview with Bill Mumy, switches to Flounder interview (messed up editing might have recorded over at some point
  • Red wing talk
  • Wesley willis song “chicken cow”
  • TC, Howard Cosell talks about jimmy the greek , no stump howard
  • Shania twain news, drew sports (ends early)

RipVanHalen Tapes – May 1996 – Download

  • Emmo

Tape 69 Collection – May – Download

  • TC, love crib with howard and marge – with zip
  • Coleman young
  • Bob boner customizes gov. englers van
  • Ted kennedy celebrates patriots day
  • TC, with mr stress in the copter for the lukemiathon
  • Weird al – amish paradise
  • Heywood banks in studio sings
  • Top 10 things over heard on OJ’s tip to london
  • Game 6 vs st louis, the blues playbook stolen from noonan (ends early)

Tape 70 Collection – May – Download

  • Guys talk to Darren McCarty about the stolen Blues playbook
  • Cliff notes – whats love got to do with it
  • Top 10 new McDonalds items for adults
  • Sports – “yzerman wins it with a bullet” 2nd OT winner vs the blues
  • Top 10 other reasons bob dole is leaving the senate
  • Top 10 things overheard on OJ’s trip to london + derreks 21st birthday party talk
  • Cliff notes – the firm
  • Call to st louis about the stolen playbook
  • Red Wings talk
  • Talking smack for ultimate fighting challenge tickets
  • TC, Stump Howard

Tape 71 Collection – June – Download

  • Cindy Margolis in studio with tom the highschool guy she went to his prom with after he was in a coma for 6days
  • His sister brought in a picture of Cindy and he woke up from the coma
  • Cindy starts on the 2nd season of baywatch nights
  • Doing a movie with carrot top

Tape 72 Collection – June – Download

  • Guys talk to chris draper after claude Lemieux smashed his face into the boards from the hospital
  • Guys read complaints about what Lemieux did to draper, call to the NHL head office
  • Draper calls back
  • Lemieux gets a 2 game suspension and a $1000 fine
  • OJ talk, liz taylor, drew reads the tabloids
  • TC, pitcher hits 4 batters, TV land talk, sonny and cher talk
  • Mr. stress on mosquitos
  • Top 10 summer fun tips from the unabomber
  • Top 10 list from kathy lee giffords product line
  • Trudi news avalanche wins stanley cup, frank and kathy lee talk
  • Drew sports, more trudi news, more drew sports
  • Mike late to work again
  • TC, stump howard, robin 13yr old girl, and hank the drunk guy
  • 1st dont stump mike recorded
  • Peter graves interview (ends early get the full clip from tape 73)

Tape 73 Collection – June – Download

  • Peter Graves interview about the new mission impossible movie (long interview)
  • Mike late talk, plus his tickets voice mail for david bowie concert
  • TC, basketball talk, and create a bit with sound drops
  • Drew sports, marge news
  • You might be from michigan if, mr stress 2nd hand smoke study
  • Drew sports nba finals, trudi news FLEM
  • TC, mildred day the creator of rice crispy treats died
  • Don’t stump mike (one question) and Wesley willis interview
  • TC, hasnt been paid, Marge (ends early)

Tape 74 Collection – June – Download

  • Drew reads tabloids, farrah fawcett pops a zit on ryan oneils back
  • Delbert at home after the 25th anniv show
  • Robs ass touch story from the KISS concert at tiger stadium
  • TC, sean connery, stump howard
  • King pin movie and bowling stories
  • TC, stump michael irvin
  • OJ holds a fundraiser for domestic violence at his house, trudi news
  • A guy witnessed the Tiny Tim golf cart incident at the airport, he ran a guy over
  • Guys call philidelphia airport secruity with more tiny tim facts
  • TC, kenny logins talk, bob hope on presidents and his new magazines, guys talk about the mag Blue Boy

Tape 75 Collection – June – Download

  • Call to ron jeremy and talk about his hedgehog name and john bobbit
  • Trudi news penis and vagina size talk, van halen sammy and roth talk
  • TC, michael irvin, OJ food served at the domestic violence fundraiser
  • OJ calls about his domestic violence fundraiser
  • OJ calls again about his domestic violence fundraiser
  • Some static in the audio for the rest of this tape
  • Talking about Derrek at the wesley willis concert in detroit
  • Trudi news van halen talk and roach
  • Guys play wesley willis songs
  • Fod talk, trudi news, drew sports
  • TC, stump howard (ends early)

Tape 76 Collection- July – Download

  • Car accident stories, mikes new car
  • Tiny tim golf cart update, roach infested home winner
  • Rug burns song – Tommy??
  • Greatest celebrity roasts CD review
  • Tiny tim depends talk, most roach infested home winner live on air (ends early)
  • Trudi news power outage, bob dole
  • Bob boner sells ford explorers
  • Capt kangaroo interview, tells drew to let mike just be happy, butt mic
  • More kangaroo and butt mike talk
  • (best of)
  • A room from spring break calls in
  • Star trek lost episode
  • Roach calls sotherbys about the lennon stash box talks to Edwina
  • Call to george goober lindsay at home
  • Jim lovel interview (ends early use the full clip on tape 77)

Tape 77 Collection – July – Download

  • Call to jim lovel on the anniv. of the moon landing and apollo 13 – long one
  • Calls to funny but real names – peter rub- dick shaft- ricky swallows- dick stiff- I.M. boner
  • Harris poll asking if Susan Smith should be cooked (a woman who drove her kids into the river)
  • Ciff notes – falling down
  • Dead puppies song, call to romulus the guy who feeds live puppies to snakes – long one
  • TWA 800 plane crash phoney phone call to peter jennings and the OJ call
  • TC, stump howard, guys keep playing the macarana song howard leaves
  • Macarana song talk, the guys hate it
  • OJ is at the olympics, drew sports, kerry strug, wayne fontes
  • Dr. abien wants to blow up the moon – incomplete
  • Drew has problems with the equipment Mr stress has to come in to do traffic
  • Trudi news, kerry strug talk, call to dino ciccerelli about charity golf and punches out a mascot (ends early)

Tape 78 Collection – July – Download

  • Olympics and kerry strug, guys keep talking about kerry after TC is gone
  • Joes apartment commercial, full set of commercials
  • Olympic coverage NBC/CBC talk, macarana done in line at cedar point – ends at tennis talk
  • Incoherent call to a guy at the olympics, then played what was that guy saying with trudi
  • Repeat of the TWA 800 and oj phoney calls
  • A salute to Jim who compiled all the appearances of Butt Mic he had on his tapes and rated them
  • Call to olympic simmer Michelle Smith of Ireland about steroid charges
  • Mike hit a golf cart with the condor golf ball that flies to far – golf cart was moving

Tape 79 Collection – July – Download

  • Mike flew with the blue angels or watched them (not sure)
  • WRIF loses to the redwings at a charity softball event, chants of drew blows
  • Penguin returned at Artfest then was given away, derrek the intern stole the penguin video review
  • More about the softball loss, al gore dancing at the olympic closing ceremonies
  • Trudi news olympic talk, kerry strug talks, talk show appearances and metal count
  • Kitty dukakis talk, paula barbiari dated mike tyson, drew sports olympic talk

Tape 80 Collection – July – Download

  • 10 foot penguin w/drew blows on it sitting in the picnic area at wrif (ends early)
  • Talking about the bomb found at the olympics, trudi news, drew sports
  • John smintek article on drew and mike, hemmeroid talk
  • OJ calls in from the olympics
  • A guy calls in about a tense newscast between rich fisher and huel perkins
  • TC, EMO from the hospital had a car accident
  • Mr stress at the airport about pay phones, kid wants to land a plane
  • Dr abien – blowing up the moon – repeat
  • Drew has problems with the equipment, mr stress runs into studio to read traffic – repeat
  • Dino calls in about the golf charity event – possible repeat
  • Olympic ta;l, and a call to mary-ellen about not changing into the champion trackm outfit for the metal ceremony
  • Ransom note about the penguin
  • Tudi news and the 2 headed baby, trudi attacks mike
  • More penguin missing talk ongoing investigation
  • Macarana worst 10 summer songs
  • Olympic bomb talk

Tape 81 Collection – August – Download

  • Interview with bob barker (short clip)
  • Call to a motel where Scott Wylen got busted
  • Rebecca the butt reader, buns and puns book
  • Harris poll asking if people believe in satan
  • Call to Raymond miller who is real fond of dogs
  • Bodyguard academy
  • Lincoln park shooting story
  • Repeat — Belfour Blows
  • Toronto sun  – Crazy guy with Dildo
  • Mr pocket microphone
  • Inflatable woman song
  • Guys call the spank line where the actors come to life
  • Lesbian kiss Jennifer and candy + Lisa and Jennifer
  • Feeling boobies song

Tape 82 Collection – October – Download

  • Tigers bat boys sueing tigers, baseball talk
  • The brat at yankee stadium who changed the outcome of the game — call to yankee stadium media department
  • Donutshop – hostetler blows in oakland, lions in town
  • The brat the changed the outcome of a game is going to be on a baseball card
  • TC – stump howard, new screener gretchen
  • More of the brat getting a baseball card talk
  • National comming out day with callers bunch of jokes
  • Paying a girl to fart in your face, a story about a girl from the Atlantis lounge
  • Looking at a picture of themselves in the paper
  • Ruth spencer and her baby
  • Mike and wife in a kmart when kmart did the macarena for a world record story + macarena phone card
  • Madonna has given birth to lordass
  • David lee roth on leno
  • Jenny jones scott amadur killed after the gay crush show
  • Mike hit on while hitchhiking and gets advice + drews gay story
  • Bernie might come back, van earl wright not renewed, bernie fired
  • More gay stories

Tape 83 Collection – December – Download

  • Frank Sinatra’s birthday
  • Wally pleasant in studio
    • The day Ted Nugent killed all the animals
    • I hate cops
    • Hippies lament
  • Christmas song yellow snow + leno jokes + xmas song bum bum bum
  • Ambulance stories
  • Mike late to work + xmas song by led zepplin
  • Eddie van Halen talk + xmas shopping talk
  • Show and tell with D&M – the rev. drew bows and Rev. mike W.
  • The confessional, mike buys the Evita soundtrack at harmony house
  • Tudi news boat crashes onland
  • Garbled audio, drew sports packers beat lions
  • Xmas song greatful dead
  • Beavis and butthead goof on a xmas song
  • Mars attacks – drew sports paul coffey traded – mars attacks was horrible
  • EDDIE VANHALEN interview
  • A girl visited Delbert Harris
  • Beat the living shit out of me Elmo doll

Tape 84 Collection – December – Download

  • Story of a topless mom in windsor
  • Call to a 7-11 at the north pole
  • Drew sports fontes possibly being fired
  • Dont stump mike for beavis and butthead movie tickets (long one)
  • Tckle me elmo doll hard to find talk, woodchipper mentioned, D&M CD
  • Leno joke + woodchipper talk + beavis and butthead read xmas letters
  • Happy haunaka with woody from toy story
  • Kid crapped his pants
  • TC stump Howard bad callers stump drew
  • Santa butthead + leno joke, homer simpson
  • A call to someone about the kid who crapped his pants
  • Santa butthead + dennis leary asshole song
  • Dick bone attorney + woodchipper/elmo/camera talk
  • Trudi news speed limit upped to 65mph + old movie talk

Tape 85 Collection – December – Download

  • TC EX lions coach Darryl Rogers —- full
  • Classic Mr. Rogers + kangaroo talk
  • Beat the living shit out of me elmo doll
  • Christmas Celebrity Calls – Henny Youngman, Dick Assman,terry bradshaw,darryl dragon, Al Hendrix, little richard, zsa zas gabor
  • Santa butthead + 84yo woman tried to smuggle pot into prison
  • Christmas song – farts only
  • 2 wood chippers arrive + car chase talk blue car drives off a hill
  • Person trampled after his elmo doll falls out of his bag + shredder talk
  • Porky pig xmas song
  • Starting up the 2 shredders
  • Trudi news ebonics + beavis and butthead movie
  • Stump Howard – elmos casket
  • Tim allen interview HERE from tape 86
  • Live from the parking lot with the wood chippers chipping other dolls then ELMO
  • The remains of Elmo in a casket in the lobby of WRIF

Tape 86 Collection, December 20 – 27, 1996 – Download

  • Reviewing the Elmo Cam
  • Looney Tune – life sucks then you die
  • More Elmo Talk + muffled Elmo talk
  • 2 guys from the same company bid on the other Elmo Doll
  • best of 96 starts
  • Interview with mr blackwell
  • Interview with billy Mumy (long interview)
  • Call to the mayo clinic + CDC about a deiese that shrinks the penis
  • Call to a rowdy room during spring break

Tape 87 Collection, December 27 – 31, 1996 – Download

  • All to paul who sees 18 to 24 inch men
  • Interview with donnie most – butt mic appearance
  • Adult baby diaper pail friends website
  • Clydea – guy who was involved in the naming of Pluto + “why dont you drop the matter” quote
  • Looney tune
  • Lost episode of star trek – full version
  • Richard Simmons in studio to promote a book – CUT SHORT just as they get tiny tim on the phone
  • Interview with Hugh Hefner – long interview – ends early

RipVanHalen Tapes – 10-96-to-8-97 – Side A – Download

  • Trudi News Floating Marijuana Farm
  • TC on new arena in Indianapolis
  • Elvis Phone Call
  • Nick’s Top Ten List Why Halloween is better than sex
  • Interview with Stan Johnson
  • Nick filling in for TC
  • Nick on OJ Simpson
  • Nick Music Jingle
  • TC on Leon Lett
  • TC on Madonna
  • Stephen the Cue Card Man

Rip Tape – Mid 1996 – Download

  • Trudie News
    • – Larry King Bad Breathe
    • – Steve Ray Vaughn Movie
    • – Jimmy Johnson Signs with Dolphins – 1996
  • David Letterman Top Ten Signs Clinton Angry – 1996
  • Three Real WRIF Commercials
  • Skycrip with TC
    • – Kirk Cobain Joke
    • – Jimmy Johnson
  • Real WRIF Commercials
  • Richard Goldman is annoying
  • Taste of Tate
  • Celebrity Rolodex
    • – Marcia Clark
    • – Arnold Schawanaggar
    • – Cortney Cox
  • Listeners react to celebrity phone call
  • Real WRIF Commercials
  • Trudie News
    • Wording of new Tigers stadium
    • OJ’s new Infomercial
    • Reaction to OJ video

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