Art Regner let go at WXYT

The sad moment when Drew reports on Detroit sports legend Art Regner being let go from WXYT. Every Red Wing fans remembers Art from his WDFN days after every Red Wing playoff game during the late 90’s championship seasons. You can tell Drew is shocked too.

Listen to the moment here:



Drew is back!

  • Drew is back!
  • Price is Right Lady with huge rack
  • Bill Spencer is a Breast Man (as is Drew)
  • Trudi News, Sports
  • Kim Mathers 911 Call
  • Donald Trump on Miss. USA Scandal
  • 1-800-Page-Me-Now with Marc Foley
  • Looney Tune – Blue Christmas
  • Sports
  • Allen Iverson Mom Clip – “Did Tawanna tell you that?”
  • Looney Tune – Troy
  • Looney Tune – Slash
  • Looney Tune – Deadheads Christmas Song107020050.jpg
  • Looney Tune – Frosty the Pervert
  • Ba-Hum-bug Christmas Lights
  • Drew annoyed with voice mail message
  • Drew loves woman who called cops on brat son
  • Bob Seger live tonight
  • Kid Rock With Bob?
  • Best new artist nominees
  • All of the playmates
  • Women Next Door Boob Jobs
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  • Crazy Eastpointe Judge
  • Rep. Marc Foley Story
  • Bad Girls on Oxygen Channel
  • Art Regner Fired from WXYT
  • Mr. Pocket Microphone Commercial
  • Listener cop pulls over Listener
  • John Rocker magazine interview
  • Trudi News, Sports

Lions Lose 12th Game

December 18, 2006Download the Show here


  • Drew is 40 seconds late to the studio
  • Mike is late to the building
  • The Hanukkah Song
  • The Lions lost game 12
  • Traffic, Trudi News, and Sports
    • – Trudi loves new Will Smith movie: Pursuit of Happiness
    • – Tess’ parents are in town (and listening to the show)
    • – Mount Hood Climber Tragedy
    • – Mike’s GPS Climbers idea
    • – Iran Student Revolt
    • – Lindsay Lohan trying to drink and smoke in a club
  • Taco Bell Spot during Lions game – Food is safe
  • Martina’s Taco Shop Commercial
  • Lions Protest Planned
  • Lions Game Review
  • Bobby Knight is a great coach
  • Top 10 Michigan Sports stories #1 Tigers in the World Series
  • The Hanukkah Song, different version
  • SNL with Justin Timberlake was awesome
  • Dick-In-A-Box
  • Barry Gibbs Talk Show
  • ‘Bloids
  • Kevin Federline wants custody of Spears kid
  • David Spade over his head
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wedding
  • Case against Patsy Ramsey
  • Michael Jackson in bad shape
  • Britney Spears and Federline
  • Trudi News
  • Tom the Killer Kowalski Call
  • Drew squirrel and bird story
  • Mike’s Roof Issues
  • Adele Monroe Makes Mexican employees Learn English
  • Trudi News
  • Mike’s Dad kills a bat nude
  • Nicole Richie DUI
  • Drew watched Nick Cage 911 movie
  • Marc watches Tsunami: The Aftermath
  • Show me the money: CANCELED
  • Linday Lohan Suckie Moivie
  • More Brittany and K-Fed Nonsense
  • Trudi News
  • Show End