The Fall of 1992, October and November – Download

  • Marge with Zips
  • TC, tomahawk chop, the wave, marge – Lou Pinella talk
  • Sinead O’Conner first amendment
  • Mr stress – at airport
  • TC, Keith Jackson and his college picks
  • TC, Dan Dierdorf in the copter (cup check)
  • Marge interviews people for pistons tickets

Tape One Collection – Download All Clips | All one file 

Tape Two Collection – Download Them All

Tape Three Collection – Download Them All

Tape Four Collection – Download Them All


4 thoughts on “1992

  1. Looking for years to replace our cassette recording of Drew and Mike’s Christmas song ‘Gay Ride’ their rendition of a happy gay ‘Sleigh Ride’. Any clue where I could find this song again to listen to?



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