Tape 88 Collection – January 1 – 3, 1997 – Download

  • Reading video ads from a British newspaper
  • Cliff notes Carlitos way
  • Peter Frampton
  • Cliff notes outbreak
  • Dead heads anonymous
  • Penguin terrorist ransom note
  • Cliff notes world trade center bombing
  • Calling people who knew Richard Jewel asking if he ever did anything heroic
  • More Richard jewel talk + BUTT MIC — Beavis and butthead tv show audio
  • LIVE – opening of the show after new years – recap of what DEE did on vacation
  • Micheal Irvin + Johnny Spirit talk
  • Death pool talk + miles davis going off on the white audience
  • Tried to call GREG of the sugarbowl 1million throw contest
  • Wayne fonts fired – jerry maguire – ransom – larry flint movie – courtney love – king pin
  • Trudi news new mich licence plate – micheal irvin
  • Guys read tabloid stories – charlie sheen – george clooney – cybil shepard – rosie odonnel
  • Daisy duke – Magic Johnson – Roseanne – courtney love

Tape 89 Collection – January 3 – 6- Download

  • Candice miller – MI secretary of state new mich plate
  • Song mother cinnamon bun
  • Michael irvin assult case #2 – dallas reporter on phone says the girl might be a liar
  • John madden gay per view
  • Jay Leno joke
  • Guys talk about football playoffs – tro aikmen – station dump button used
  • Dallas cowboys team video starring michael irvin leon lett doing blow
  • Show and tell beaver shot at the sugar bowl
  • Tabloid story about a girl having sex with a repo man to keep her car, they call her and get a house sitter/friend
  • Calling the guy who missed the nokia million dollar pass at the sugarbowl
  • Mattel recalls cabbage patch dolls for chewing hair, guys want to blow it up
  • Sheldon kennedy sexual assault case against a hockey coach
  • Stump Howard + stump drew
  • Larry Flint interview
  • Pat Boone shoebox/penis talk
  • Taking calls from victims of the penis in the popcorn trick

Tape 90 Collection – January 7 – 10 – Download

  • The penis in the popcorn trick
  • Trudi news – ad price for half time show – melrose place – OJ and his bruno malle shoes
  • Drew sports – graham james convicted of over 300 sexual assults as a hockey coach including Sheldon kennedy
  • Evis birthday
  • Peephole confessional
  • Drews nude swimming story from high school
  • TC claire mich. story about a dog who stole a couples life saving (it was a guy dressing in a great dane costume)
  • Story about the brinks truck that turned over ” finders keepers, losers weepers baby” quote
  • Greg Evigan interview – melrose place and BJ and the bear
  • Jumbo the great dane might be an urban legend
  • Story about a guy who didnt want to wait for his flight and rented a car instead, then hears his flight had crashed
  • OJ calls in before he takes the stand in his civil suit
  • Letterman joke – micheal irvin talk
  • More info on the plane that crashed with plane man AKA mike clark
  • Top 8 list of bill clinton

Tape 91 Collection – January 10 – 13 – Download

  • Stump howard – new call screener Mark – stump drew
  • Call to leon spinx in st. louis but they get his sister
  • Michael irvin cleared of rape charges – packers vs patriots – citadel hazing problems
  • Guys call leslie visser out of the blue
  • Christmas light police – call to people who havent taken down thier lights —- CONT on tape 92

Tape 92 Collection – January 13 – 18 – Download

  • Call to OJ after he took the stand in the civil case
  • Letterman joke
  • Batanya harding and oksana biole (sp?)
  • The re-edited mikes fantasy golf play by play with pat summerall and nigel ashcroft
  • Don’t stump mike – a long version
  • How to weasel in on fords A plan
  • Hospital stories with a game “whats in his butt”
  • Ho-jack the prostitute recovery system
  • Stump Howard
  • How to do a lot of bitches and not get caught
  • A guy started a campaign to say heaven-O instead of Hell-O because hello is bad — butt mic

March 28, 1997 – Download

  • Charles Manson Parole Hearing

July 25, 1997 – Download

  •  Andrew Canaan Death
  • Tom Mabe
  • Trudi News
  • More Andrew Canaan News

Rip Tapes – Late 1997 A – Download

  • Nick 8/14/97
  • Bob Hope 8/28/97
  • Emmo 9/3/97
  • Bob Hope 9/10/97
  • Bob Hope 9/18/97

Rip Tapes – Late 1997 B-  Download

  • a. Bob Hope 9/18/97
  • b. Bob Hope 10/16/97
  • c. Bob Hope 11/19/97



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