Drew and Mike – #28 Online!

June 15, 2016 | Download the File



  • Drew, Don and Jay today.
  • The jury is still out on the perfect time and way to fade out on the intro music.
  • Gordie Howe’s funeral today.  Bud Somerville from Westland spent 10 hours in line waiting to be first in.  How long have you stood in line for something?
  • Tigers win.  NBA finals are drawing larger ratings this season than “The Bachelorette” and America’s #1 Ass Chad?  How can that be?
  • Second part of OJ “Made In America” documentary airs.  Let’s go through the finer points, to include 911 call from Nicole.
  • As if the recent events in Orlando aren’t bad enough, now a 2 year old was snatched by an alligator at Disney World.
  • Obama was angrier with Donald Trump than he was with the Orlando terrorism incident?
  • The terrible story of a 2 year old getting snatched by an alligator at Disney World’s resort.  Can the news get any worse in Orlando?  Also, beware of the forthcoming scams looking for donations for Orlando.
  • Let’s get a call in to the one, the only Mr. Mickey Redmond.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @MickeyRedmond20.
  • Trying to reach a breastfeeding mom that managed to rile up a fellow customer.
  • How about another Harris Poll to find out the opinion on the Confederate State flag in Mississippi?



Drew and Mike, #27 Online with MARC!

 June 14, 2016 | Download the file
  • Drew and Marc Host
  • 2:54:31 Hours!
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  • Mike sent a pic text from his vacation.
  • Anyone surprised at cell phones being out at Ali’s funeral?
  • Drew talks Tigers Mascot Paws surrounded by cell phones.  Why?  Jay remembers encountering Tigers mascot Paws and Lions mascot Roary in a hallway where they were talking to each other, then snapped back into character when they were discovered.
  • “What’s Hopping?”  Was the Orlando shooter gay?
  • We try to reach out to Tykables.
  • Drew enlightens us on those who claim to not like milk, but enjoy milkshakes.
  • Great responses on the cruddy hotel reviews… how about a strip joint review?  Or diaper reviews?
  • Let’s not stop there.  How about some reviews on, oh… hmmm, let’s see… Sugar Free Gummi Bears?  How could those possibly be badly reviewed?
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  • Going to break with some John Lennon tracks to which Marc checks for any bad reviews.
  • Draymond Green doesn’t appear to care for LeBron James’ groin.
  • Michu Meszaros (aka ALF) is no longer with us.  Went back to Melmac.  And Janet Waldo (aka voice of Judy Jetson) is no longer with us either.
  • Let’s get back to bad hotel reviews.  The Whiteleaf in London where “the eggs smell like farts” and even worse, The Gresham Hotel also in London.
  • Reminiscing on Mark Patrick who’s son is quite the ball player it turns out.