M.L. Elrick hates Jeff Moss and the DSR

Drew announces his new twitter account for the podcast, which leads to a decision on “twitter trolls” which leads to the guys talking about Connor Cook’ Dad Twitter story. However, as soon as Drew mentions the Detroit Sports Rag. M.L. Elrick however reacted violently to the mere mention of the DSR and Jeff Moss, calling him a Puke and talking about his funeral (it gets really awkward for a minute):

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Drew and Mike – #26 with ML

June 13, 2016 | Download the File


  • Drew’s neighbors are catching on to what is going on in Drew’s basement.
  • Detroit Lions are finally getting cheerleaders?
  • XFL
  • Who jumped out of a dumpster / trash can first?  Charlie LeDuff or ML Elrick?
  • A quick revisit of Kwame and the Lincoln Navigator along with former Detroit police chief Ella Bully Cummings.
  • Is there a sex tape of Muhammad Ali?  Ask Barbara Mensah.
  • Reminiscing on the Ali boxing days.
  • Did Donald Trump actually operate off a prepared speech for once?
  • M.L. Takes on Jeff Moss and Detroit Sports Rag Website
  • MSU Conner Cook’s Dad on Twitter
  • Covering Orlando terrorist event some more and the lousy wife beater.  The eeriness for first responders of hearing the victims’ phones ringing from loved ones in the aftermath.
  • ML tells us about the “Anchor Man Pool Party”.
  • We’re on Twitter!  @DrewMikePodcast.
  • Don’t forget to follow ML Elrick on Twitter as well, @Elrick.
  • Twitter trolls
  • ML’s take on some tough cases to include Davontae Sanford.