Download Podcast 003 – June 28, 2013

  • Kayne West
  • Drew loves Abba
  • Drew’s Chicago Trip
  • Hotels Cancellation Policy
  • Gregg Henson
  • Drew drops F bomb
  • Paula Dean
  • Eric’s Standup
  • Eric’s Job Story
  • Tigers Locker Room Video
  • Charles Pugh
  • NBA Draft
  • Dwight Goodin Book
  • Maggs
  • American Greed

Download Podcast 003 – June 28, 2013


What’s New with Drew and Mike

A lot has happened in the recent week regarding Drew and Mike! Drew, Marc and Mike have started a podcast, which they named, “DrewCast.” They’ve posted two episodes (which you can download in the June 2013 section of the audio archive). The guys have no official means to download the episodes, once they do, I’ll make sure to link them in the sidebar. Until then you can get them via the archive or on the front page as they are available.  

Download Podcast 001 – June 26, 2013

  • Welcome to the podcast
  • Mike Lane absent, meanings nothing
  • The guys talk about drops
  • The last week of the show was a huge ratings win for WRIF
  • Historic nature of doing last week after firing
  • Audio Hiccups
  • Gregg Henson Shot
  • Last week on the air
  • Headlines
  • Bob Bashara
  • Aaron Hernandez
  • Drew’s reading a new book on the Dallas Cowboys
  • Nik Wallenda Nutcase
  • NBA finals
  • Tigers Pitching Woes
  • Animal control harassing Drew
  • Paula Dean Double Standard

Download Podcast 001 – June 26, 2013

May 13, 2009 – While Drew was off of the WRIF in 2009, he made a couple appearances on the air in Boston’s WTKK before returning to the Drew and Mike Show. His cohost is none other the Tom, the Killer Kowalski!

I scammed my way on the air as “Jeff in Boston” and asked Drew about coming back to Detroit. The call screener took me off the air brought me back on hold with him and proceeded to yell at me for being a “fucking liar.” He seemed personally offended. 

May 17, 2013 – Commerical Free

  • Greetings, final show preview
  • The Finial Office, Tribute to Drew and Mike
  • Trudy News 
  • Sports
  • Dial-a-Star
  • Larry Wigge Phone Call
  • Phone Calls
  • Silverdome Memories
  • Drew Stanton Interview
  • FCC Nonsense
  • Drew and Mike Origins
  • Trudy News
  • Sports
  • David Spade Interview
  • Headlines
  • Bob Boner Interview
  • Mike’s Salad Story
  • Charlie LeDuff 
  • GayPerView
  • Donutshop Terrorism
  • Olympic GayPerView
  • Mike’s Bachelor Party
  • Trudy News
  • Plane Guy Song
  • Star Trek Parody
  • Zug Island Rick
  • Callers
  • Scott Lewis
  • Final goodbyes on the WRIF

May 17, 2013 – Commerical Free

M.L. Elrick posted this photo with the caption, “What are Drew Lane and the crew from Drew and Mike of 101 WRIF – FM Detroit fame doing hanging out at St. Clare of Montefalco School?Stay tuned to FOX 2 Detroit and find out …”