• William Shatner’s 911 Call – Download
  • July 23, 1999 – Download
    • J.F.K. Jokes
    • Cunningham Blows

14 thoughts on “1999

  1. Hello,

    I have a ton of TC bits from early to late 90s. Are you still actively managing this site and interested in them–they are from cassettes and each side of tape has many TC episodes–I don’t really have time to save each episode individually, but I have indexes for most of them written down (with dates, etc). Can you email me your info so when I upload these, I can email you the indexes.

    Also just uploaded four CLASSIC donut shop terrorisms (with a Harbaughblows).



  2. Hi Jeff,

    Love this site, these tapes have been gathering dust for 20years, finally get to share them with other fans.

    Two more uploads just now:

    1. tc_III_95-96-A.mp3
    a. Coach Fisher 11/1/95
    b. Nick Aragua/Wilt 11/7/95
    c. Nick, radio names 11/13/95
    d. Howard Cosell 11/17/95
    e. Bob Hope 11/29/95
    f. Howard Cosell 11/30/95
    g. Floyd/Barney 1/11/96

    2. tc_III_95-96-B.mp3
    a. Floyd/Barney 1/11/96
    b. Stump Bob 1/23/96
    c. Nick 1/31/96
    d. OJ outtakes 1/31/96
    e. Bob Knight 3/14/96
    f. Nick 3/27/96
    g. Nick 4/1/96
    h. Emmo 5/8/96
    i. Emmo 5/13/96

    There are small blanks/gaps in between all of these, don’t have the time to edit them into
    separate tracks.

    More to follow…



    • Jeff,


      No index or other info, I think they are all or mostly TC.
      The tape has 1994 written on it.

      All the rest to follow have indexes and dates…



  3. Jeff,
    Uploaded two files 4/1/17

    1. TC-8-97-A.mp3
    a. Nick 8/14/97
    b. Bob Hope 8/28/97
    c. Emmo 9/3/97
    d. Bob Hope 9/10/97
    e. Bob Hope 9/18/97

    2. TC-8-97-B.mp3
    a. Bob Hope 9/18/97
    b. Bob Hope 10/16/97
    c. Bob Hope 11/19/97
    d. JFK 7/23/99
    e. Cunningham Blows 10/15/99

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  4. Jeff,
    2 new uploads, 4/2/17.

    1. tc_10-96-to-8-97-A.mp3
    a. King 10/28/96
    b. Nick Aragua 10/30/96
    c. Stan Johnson 11/6/96
    d. Nick 11/21/96
    e. K. Jackson Song 12/4/96
    f. Bob Hope 12/5/96

    2. tc_10-96-to-8-97-B.mp3
    a. Bob Hope 3/27/97
    b. Wilt 4/17/97
    c. Bob Hope and Marge Schott 4/23/97
    d. Bob Hope 5/13/97
    e. Nick/King 6/26/97
    f. Emmo 7/17/97
    g. Bob Hope 8/11/97
    h. King 8/12/97


  5. Jeff,

    Couple more uploads:

    1. TC-I-95-A.mp3
    a. A.C.(Al Cowlings, OJ buddy) 2/16/17
    b. Stump Judge Ito 2/26/95
    c. Emmo 3/20/95
    d. Judge Ito 3/29/95
    e. Bob Hope 7/19/95
    f. King 7/20/95
    g. Emmo 7/31/95
    h. Nick Aragua 8/29/95

    2. TC-I-95-B.mp3
    a. King 8/3/95
    b. Nick 8/24/95
    c. Emmo 9/26/95
    d. Keith Jackson 10/2/95
    e. Nick 10/19/95
    f. Bob Hope 10/25/95
    g. Lou Holtz 10/26/95
    h. Bob Hope 10/30/95
    i. Howard (partial, tape ran out) 10/31/95



  6. Jeff,

    This should keep you busy for a while–2 more just uploaded.
    You probably already have the “Troy Cologne” commercial, that’s
    probably the all time classic from all of Drew/Mike’s career.

    1. TC-5-96-A.mp3
    a. Bob Hope 5/29/96
    b. Bob Hope 5/30/96
    c. Stump Emmo 6/4/96
    d. Nick Aragua 6/20/96
    e. Howard Cosell 10/18/96
    f. Troy Cologne (All Time Classic) 10/18/96
    g. Delbert 10/18/96

    2. TC-5-96-B.mp3
    a. Nick Aragua 9/18/96
    b. Bob Hope 9/25/96
    c. Stump Howard Cosell 10/1/96



  7. Hey Jeff,

    Just uploaded:
    a. kenny_kramer.mp3 (the real kramer from seinfeld)
    b. nick_aragua_nodate.mp3

    This tape was not dated, but from what they talked about it must be
    from 1996. From google, kramer tour started in 96.
    In the Nick bit, they talked about OJ civil trial, which was during
    late 1996.

    That’s eight tapes uploaded, I think that’s all of them!

    Your site is awesome, hope a lot of fans enjoy the new



  8. Is there a way to get an email anytime that there is an updated added to any part of this website ??
    Instead of checking each page for updated clips ?


  9. You can follow us on twitter, we post there every time we add new audio. @DrewandMikeFans. Did you see,our “best of” page? Lots of great clips there.


    • @jeff thanks !, I dont have twitter, so i will subscribe to each page so i get the updates to email when something is added.

      Great collection, I have downloaded almost all of it to listen when driving/travelling for work.


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