Drew, Marc and LeDuff Show

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  • Drew, Marc and Charlie host
  • Ongoing rezoning issues in Berkley for Marc, drywall and overall Drew home issues for Charlie, hot mail lady issues for Drew.
  • 6 state employees have been charged criminally as part of the ongoing investigation into Flint’s water crisis.
  • Good ol’ Hillary taking credit for bringing attention to Flint’s water crisis.  What all has she really done?  Why isn’t the issue resolved yet?
  • Scrutinizing the Hillary Clinton DNC speech and Donald Trump RNC speech.  Was Bill asleep during Hillary’s?  He sure liked playing in the balloons.
  • Do both VP candidate wives, Karen Pence and Anne Holton, have a little bit of a weight issue?
  • Reflecting on George W. Bush and Donald Trumpinteracting with reporters with disabilities.
  • Justin Dweeber turns down $5 million to appear at a Republican event during the GOP convention.
  • Bryan of Flushing Township wants to “make the township white again“.
  • If you’re having trouble discerning the Chinese rocket that broke up over the Nevada night skies, worry not.  NBC circles it in the footage for you.
  • Melania Trump’s website has disappeared over her alleged college degree.
  • Tigers talk.
  • Time to get the full story on Marc’s brother Dan charging Marc for cable TV.
  • Don’t try to take the last bagel from Charlie’s sister.  Just sayin’.
  • Sing along with the show with such hits as “If I Had A Hammer” and “There’s A Skeeter On My Peeter“.
  • Jenny “From The Block” Granholm at the 2016 DNC.
  • Mike Duggan (please clap) at the 2016 DNC.
  • Charlie registers for the Hillary App while Marc peruses through her merchandise offerings.
  • Getting Charlie’s take on John Hinckley, Jr.’s release along with Squeakers Frommer, Sara Jane Moore, Charlie Manson and John Wayne Gacy stories.
  • Malaysian Flight MH370’s pilot used a flight simulator to take the flight over the Indian Ocean.

Drew and Mike in Studio!

Download the Show | July 28, 2016


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Starting off a bit later today.  Semi trucks, traffic, charlie horses for starters.
  • Mike reflects on his love for planes and getting his first flight lesson at age 7.
  • Speaking of planes, remember MTV’s “Real World” Go Big Or Go Home episodes?
  • Feeling nostalgic?  MTV is bringing back some of the older material to include “Remote Control“.
  • Circling back to Hink Dog’s release, Mike is none too pleased.  Shouldn’t there be more back lash about this?
  • Michigan about to release some murderers.  What’s your take on that?
  • Frank Reynolds was covering the Reagan assassination and was quite pissed.
  • Going through the history of Squeaky Fromme and Sara Jane Moore along with Patty Hearst.
  • If you want to play “Paper, Rock, Scissors” with the Detroit Tigers, better do better than Kinsler.
  • Remember Brad Ausmus and the ejection in the Minnesota game?
  • WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton… and on the subject of leaks, Butt Mike checks in.
  • North Korea again declares war.  This time over the sanctions being laid upon chubby Kim Jong Un.
  • Another walk through the Clinton neighborhood to include Billmeeting “the warden”, Chelsea and the silver spoon, and Hillary’s desire for power, refusal to use contractions and her ugly pantsuits.
  • How presidential is Donald Trump with things like offering Russia to find Hillary’s missing email?  Maybe Butt Mike can answer it.

The Drew and Marc show

Download | July 27, 2016

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  • Drew and Marc Host
  • “Idiocracy” and President Comacho won’t make the anti-Trump ads.
  • Tigers sweep the Red Sox at Fenway!  Marc’s not thrilled about Fenway, Wrigley is eh, alright.
  • A recap of Chad’s finer moments from “The Bachelorette”.
  • Outrage on the West Coast because “The Bachelorette” got cut into by Bernie Sanders.
  • During the DNC coverage, 102 year old Jerry Emmett rambles out “A Unique Historical Perspective”, according to Lester Holt.
  • Bill Clinton reminisces on meeting Hillary Rodham.  Revisiting the “right wing conspiracy” claim over Bill and his line up.
  • Is Trump calling out Russia to find Hillary’s missing email messages?
  • Trump tears into Katy Tur a bit.  Oh no!
  • Lena Dunham and America Ferrera speak at the DNC.  Is Lena really a victim of abuse?
  • Ryan Moore also speaks at the DNC.  Slight podium adjustment.
  • Is it time for a new “Bruce” and a new “daddy” in the Fellhauer home?
  • Detroit Lions sign Anquan Boldin.
  • Flint Mayor Karen Weaver at the 2016 DNC.  Hillary no doubt will have that water situation fixed up, right?
  • Former stylist for The Donald on “The Apprentice” reveals the story on his hair.
  • Would you hire Sting to play at your wedding for a mere $1 million for 30 minutes?
  • John “Hink Dog” Hinckley, Jr. to be allowed to live with “Mooooom!”.
  • Squeakers and Sara Jane Moore… not Gerald Ford fans.
  • Don’t bring home Chick-fil-A to Derek Foreman… and don’t bother calling his mom either.
  • Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson and prostitutes.
  • And for our finally story… oh wait!  Dog doorbell!  Pizza’s here

The Drew and Mike Show

July 26, 2016 | Download the Show

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Drew, Marc and Maz

Download the Show | July 25, 2016

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Drew and Mike Worst Interview?

Drew believes this may be the worst interview in the history of Drew and Mike. It’s not, but it may be up there. Drew and Mike interview these two clowns who made a list of “Best Celebrity Butts.” Drew is suspicious of their motives. Original air date, May 12, 2003:

Download the Clip

The List:images

  1. Leeann Tweeden
  2. Monica Bellucci
  3. Beyonce
  4. Krista Allen
  5. Nona Gaye


Drew and Marc

July 22, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew and Marc Host
  • More terrorism
  • Some loser teens set a dog on fire in Detroit.
  • A partially mummified body is found in a Hazel Park
  • Vegas is putting 7-to-1 odds on Michigan.
  • Mark Bernstein withdraws his $3 million dollar bid…
  • Sam Riddle doesn’t like the ratio of African American Detroit Police…
  • Officer Robot was on duty in New York chatting with the hoax bomber.
  • Back on the North Miami autistic therapist being shot.
  • Marc has a SIST (Serious Issue… Shallow Thought) on the police chief Gary Eugene.
  • Xenophobic tirade coming out of the Munich shooter.
  • Van Jones was terrified by Donald Trump’s speech.
  • Bobby Knight makes a quickie speech during the RNC.
  • The last manufacturer of VCR’s is shutting down.
  • 51 year old teacher Sandra Mayfield gives a student a BJ’er in the parking lot.
  • Coming soon to a dictionary near you:  “Butt Hurt”, “Lumbersexual”, “Athleisure”.
  • Hillary Clinton wants you to know that “Love Trumps Hate”.
  • Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife blows through $5 million
  • Hugo, Colorado has a water issue.  THC is found during testing.
  • Bill “Spaceman” Lee has a new movie coming out.
  • Dennis Rodman involved in a drunken hit and run?
  • Drew shares a “twat tater” story from his brother.
  • Marc tells us about a doctor guessing the hole.
  • Joe Nathan is moving to the Cubs.
  • Hall of Fame time and this resurrects some Mike Piazza stories.
  • Draymond Green reaches a plea agreement.
  • Will Ray Rice be able to play again?
  • Charlotte, North Carolina loses the NBA All-Star game over the bathroom law.
  • Discussion over transgender and Black Lives Matter.  What did you think of Peter Thiel’s RNC speech?
  • We check out former high maintenance intern Vinny Stubb’s radio demo tape.
  • Al Fellhauer butt dialed a voicemail to Marc.  Have you got a favorite butt dial story?  Email it in.
  • Cops can’t pull you over for having your brights on.
  • Martha Reeves had her $15 per person birthday party.  More of the backstory of her beef with Trudi.
  • Hillary Clinton names Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her Vice President pick.
  • Hallelujah!  Joel Osteen is coming to Comerica Park!
  • This runs us through loads of televangelist scandals and we land on John Oliver setting up a church (Our Lady Of Perpetual Exemption) and prospering from it.
  • Tom Sizemore in trouble with domestic violence.
  • How about a nice getaway to a cavern hotel in the Grand Canyon?
  • Maggs getting fat-shamed on social media.
  • Brazil arrests 10 dolts planning terrorism with the Olympics looming.
  • Will Rio be ready in time for the Olympics?

The Drew and Mike Show

Download the Show | July 21, 2016


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Even with the storms brewing outside, Mr. Clark makes it here despite a month long vacation and a sick day already in the short life span of the show.  What a trooper!
  • Mike’s “issues” pale in comparison to Macaulay Caulkin’s “issues”.
  • Did Bill Maher pay up on the $5 million bet against Donald Trump over the orangutan?
  • Do you think Ted Cruz sank his political career over his non-endorsement speech?  Booed offstage and his wife getting whisked away by the police.
  • Marco Rubio spoke as well.  Was it worth it?
  • Mr. Charlie LeDuff (@Charlieleduff) from Fox 2 Detroit checks in and fills us in on the RNC police presence, the dolt that set himself on fire and punched a cop, parties and hot women, and loopholes?
  • Remember Trump on Oprah years ago saying he’d probably not run for president?  Remember H. Ross Perot?
  • Another police shooting, this time in Miami of a therapist lying on the ground with hands up while tending to his autistic patient.
  • Yesterday would’ve been the 14th birthday of Aiyana Jones who was shot by Detroit Police who were searching for the murderer that her father was harboring in the home.
  • rally downtown for ex-felons having a hard time finding work.  Turns out the leader of the rally is an ex-felon himself that lied on a job application about being an ex-felon and lost his job.
  • Trying to reach a co-founder of a self-engagement movement for women.  Will have to track her down.
  • How about a call to Dr. Harlan Vanover, the 94-year old that has a 6th degree black belt in Karate, and apparently not sure where his “deef” wife is.
  • How long does Nick Nolte have left to live?
  • Joe Piscopo has been on Fox News lately touting Trump.  He’s doing an AM radio gig in New York, AM970 The Answer.
  • Is Neil Cavuto from Fox News dead?
  • Recapping the new Ghostbusters movie hatred, Leslie Jones bailing on Twitter, and Milo Yiannopoulos.
  • Are there too many movie / TV show reboots / remakes these days?
  • Revisiting the Jenny McCarthy vs. Tara Reid battle.  Remember Tara’s tit dropping out on the red carpet at P. Diddy’s 35th birthday party event?
  • Reminiscing on Greater Media and WRIF since their sale to Beasley Media Group.  Mr. Tom Bender celebrated his retirement after 30 years.
  • NBA moves its All-Star game out of North Carolina over the LGBT bathroom law.
  • There would never be a problem with transgenders abusing the option to use the bathroom would there?  Certainly not at the Target store in Idaho.
  • Allegedly the Baton Rouge shooter Gavin “Cosmo” Long sent his manifesto to an Ohio rapper Yarima Karama.

Drew and Marc Hosting!

Download the Show | July 20, 2016

  • Drew  and Marc Host
  • How do we manage to keep this show going?  Joey had to hop out for an important call, and Marc lost track of time.
  • The Trump kids have a group hug at the convention… minus Tiffany.  But she makes quite the speech.  Plus she has her dad’s mouth.
  • Ivanka speaks with ABC.  Donald pisses off Queen by using “We Are The Champions” and declares they will “win so big“.
  • Leslie Jones from the new Ghostbusters movie took too much racial and misogynistic banter on Twitter, she shut it down.  Dan Aykroyd has her back.
  • Twitter very slowly seems to be trying to get a handle on Twitter bashers by barring Milo Yiannopoulos.
  • Turns out Meredith McIver is acknowledging similarities in the Melania Trump speech and Michelle Obama’s speech.
  • Letters to the editor!
  • Mike Pence to speak tonight.  Chris “The Big Fat Attack Dog” Christie came out swinging at Hillary in his speech last night.  Dana White spoke as well.
  • Was there some degree of cover up in the Bataclan massacre in France?
  • Study of confiscated ISIS computers yield 80% of porn.  Nice religion.
  • Recapping the Vince Neil, Nicholas Cage and some chick brawl.
  • Dani Mathers (Playboy Playmate that fat-shamed the nude lady at the gym via Snapchat) has been suspended from her job, one of Marc’s favorite shows… The Heidi & Frank Show.
  • We stumble into “The Brian & Jill Show” podcast – Jill Whelan (“Vicky” from “The Love Boat”).
  • Is it time for us to add a donate button to the site?
  • Have you reviewed us on iTunes?  Everyone seems to dig the show except for one twat.
  • It would seem the ban on porn via free wifi at Starbucks and McDonald’s is to keep out child porn.
  • Thailand’s Prime Minister doesn’t want you to use your cock in Bangkok.
  • A newlywed couple books a cruise for their honeymoon.  Their cabin had quite the view.
  • Marc tells us about dinner with the captain and Julie on their last cruise.
  • Speaking of cruises, let’s hear about the booting of Deckhand Danny on “Below Deck”.  BranDON posts a sorrowful post on Danny’s Facebook page.
  • Millennials are going braless!  Let’s get some informative details from a pair… of them.
  • Jon Gosselin is cooking at a TGI Fridays these days, and part time DJ.
  • Closing it with other reality TV talk to include Jenna Lewis and her elusive sex tape.

Drew and Marc Live!

Download the Show | July 19, 2016



  • Marc (@MarcFell) made it here today… by way of bike!
  • Recapping “The Bachelorette” and the family drama with Jordan Rodgers.  Did Olivia Munn cause a rift in the Rodgers family after hooking up with Aaron?
  • Pippa “The Ass” Middleton is engaged.
  • Johnny Football Manziel… can he make a comeback?
  • Did you catch Ndamukong Suh on “The Ballers” and “Suh Casa”?
  • Do you think Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech from 8 years ago?  Not only copying a speech, she copied Caitlyn Jenner’s look at the 2015 ESPY’s.
  • What did you think of Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato, Jr.‘s speeches?
  • USA Today’s Frank Graham article about too many Muslims believing in violence.
  • Lt. Brian Rice found not guilty in the Freddie Gray case.
  • The ongoing drama of Kayne West and Taylor Swift.  Which team are you on?  And you can’t just vote Team Swift because of hernew rack.
  • Melania Trump would be the 1st First Lady to be the 3rd wife of a president, the 1st First Lady to have posed nude.  Apparently she isn’t being fully truthful about speaking 5 languages or earning her degree.
  • What’s going on at NBC?  Chelsea Clinton with her gig and Luke Russert on his way out.
  • Do you like porn?  Sadly you can’t enjoy it at McDonald’s or Starbucks.
  • Speaking of porn, how about Mia Khalifa (“Toaster Dick”) and Sydney Leathers?
  • This just in!  The Beasley Media Group is buying Greater Mediafor $240 million.
  • Drew shares some backstories from WRIF and other radio gigs.
  • Bill Cosby is “officially blind“?  How convenient.
  • What’s holding up the Gordie Howe bridge?  Couldn’t be Matty Maroun.
  • Former Cardinals scouting director Chris Correa sentenced to 46 months for hacking the Astros.
  • Wanna go check out a Liz Taylor “documentary” of her crap?
  • Can you Imagine the upcoming Olympics unifying the world for 17 days given all the recent chaos?

Drew, Marc and TRUDI NEWS!

July 18, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew, Marc and Trudi Host
  • RNC convention is under way…
  • In keeping with the radicalized Muslim trend, the Nice trucker had a 73 year old male lover apparently.
  • Jenny McCarthy delivers quite the interview of Tara Reid and Sharknado 4.
  • Let’s get a call in to Mr. Skin.  Check out his new podcast!
  • During call to Mr. Skin, a revisit to Chet Chit Chat.
  • The anchor that is the new Ghostbusters movie.
  • Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke is not too thrilled with CNN’s Don Lemon.
  • Marc has a SIST regarding Baton Rouge mayor Kip Holden.
  • Breaking news out of Germany – 17 year old Afghan goes on axattack on a train.
  • Gavin Long, his rental car and other details emerging.
  • Do you think there should be such an uproar over Officer Robot?
  • The Nice trucker asked for the heaviest truck.
  • Roger Ailes is to be removed from his post by Rupert Murdoch.  Rupe must not be a fan of the red raw meat.  Roger seemed such a champ in his younger days.
  • Did you catch Trump and Pence on 60 Minutes.  Mike just can’t take his eyes off of The Donald.  Marc points out that Pence thinks Trump is “amazing”.
  • Tony Schwartz, author of “The Art Of The Deal” (or is he?) doesn’t think Trump is amazing.
  • Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato, Jr. are speaking at the RNC.  Did you see Scott’s tweet about Hillary?
  • If you’re a cop, don’t go to the Taco Bell in Phenix City, Alabama.
  • How about we call some Trumpers?
  • It’s the 45 year anniversary of Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick.
  • It’s also the 20 year anniversary of TWA Flight 800.
  • Charlie LeDuff (@Charlieleduff) from Fox 2 Detroit calls in!

Sunday Night Special Show with Drew Lane

Download the Show | July 17, 2016

Screenshot 2016-07-17 22.10.46.png

  • Drew and Jay and Charlie
  • Baton Rouge Police Killings
  • Nice, France
  • Gavin Long out of Kansas City, Missouri goes on a shooting spree and kills 3 cops and wounds 3 other cops in Baton Rouge.
  • Charlie calls in from Cleveland
  • Is Will Ferrell moving from Los Angeles to Ann Arbor?
  • You gonna go see the latest Mitch Albom production of Ernie Harwell?
  • FINALLY the last 10 songs of the Free Press Motown song countdown!Screenshot 2016-07-17 22.13.05.png

Drew Marc and Trudi

July 15, 2016 | Download the Show (Updated Audio)



  • Drew, Marc and Trudi Host
  • Trudi suggests we all take up Uber side jobs and report on the encounters.
  • After seeing Obama in Muslim garb, she suggests Marc don Scottish attire at the next wedding he goes to.
  • Mick Jagger, 72
  • With the “serial shooter” story growing in Phoenix, let’s get a call into Amanda Goodman of KPHO.
  • Phoenix news stories out of KPHO?  Can’t resist the Jonathan Lowe story.
  • U of M doesn’t want the female athletes from decades ago to feel crush, so why not get them letter jackets?
  • Back to the Charles Pugh arraignment.
  •  SIST’s (Serious Issue… Shallow Thought) from the Nice, France truck massacre lands us on “Maximum Overdrive”.
  • Drew knew Pat from Maximum Overdrive in the bathroom scene.  How’s Pat Miller doing these days?
  • “Not Necessarily The News” and “Sniglets”.
  • University of North Texas has a new coffee mug out.
  • The Trump and Pence logo looks rather provocative.
  • Hillary Clinton the wannabe comedian lays another egg with Pokemon Go.
  • How smart is adding “running from the police” to your bucket list?
  • Marc is feeling awkward in his own neighborhood thanks to Char and a neighbor’s pool.
  • Playboy Playmate fat-shames a nude woman at the gym.
  • The late philanthropist Marjorie S. Fisher gives $5,000 to each Detroit Symphony Orchestra member.
  • The bowling trio of Nick Cooper, John Tovar and Matt Coleman nearly score a perfect 900 at Century Bowl in Waterford.  Thanks to Scott for the contact info!
  • Let’s get a call into former intern Vinny and get the latest on the “Vinny Issues”.
  • A review of the “30 For 30” on Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry.  This yields “Gooden Logic” and Darryl perhaps thinking “Black Wives Don’t Matter”?

Drew and Mike Live

July 14th, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Donald Trump is set to announce his selection for Vice President tomorrow.
  • Mike and the U.S. Department of Treasury
  • Phoenix has a serial killer on the loose.  Does he have an accomplice?
  • We need to get a hold of Geraldine to discuss Sandra Bullock’s next husband choice.
  • Valerie Bertinelli is tipping the scale at 175 these days.
  • Charlie Sheen is in financial trouble.
  • Has Jennifer Aniston gotten fake boobs?  How about Taylor Swift?
  • Lindsay Lohan gets into an argument with her fiance
  • Would you throw a hot dog down the Kardashian hallway?
  • Was Hillary Clinton lying about the email scandal?
  • Sam Riddle
  • 4 off-duty police officers walk out of a security detail for WNBA Minnesota Lynx game due to anti-cop t-shirts.
  • Isaiah Crowell posts a crude cop beheading cartoon depiction on Facebook.  Has since apologized.
  • Merri McGregor, former Detroit police officer and her Facebook post.
  • 2016 ESPY’s.  How do you feel about the opening remarks by Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James?
  • Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with Kat Von D and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.
  • ACLU and residents sue over tax foreclosures in Detroit.
  • Don’t play Pokemon Go at the Holocaust Museum.
  • Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad claims the Unites States isn’t serious about defeating ISIS.
  • We get a hold of the “U.S. Department of Treasury” to settle a tax debt.
  • In his rare porn searching, Drew seeks Sydney Leathers (from Anthony Wiener fame) and instead has to settle for a virus hoax.

Drew and Mike Finally!

Download the Show | July 12, 2016


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Drew tells us of cherry bombs, toilets and Dr. Disgusto.
  • Drew discovers some medicine that yields some “leave the house” caliber gas.
  • Dallas funeral for 5 fallen officers.  Police chief David “Seal” Brown references Stevie Wonder’s “I’ll Be Loving You Always“.  George W. Bush and Barack Obama deliver some solid speeches, too.
  • Recapping Facebook livestream shooting in Minnesota, Regan’s funeral, Detroit police officers suspended for Facebook racism posts and 4 arrested for Facebook threatening police officers, oh and Larry King’s tweets.
  • Charles Pugh is arraigned in Detroit.
  • Cynthia Ford’s 911 call from Edsel Ford II incident.
  • Are you going to the 75th birthday bash for Martha Reeves (Trudi isn’t)?  Bring $15.
  • John Davis of South Haven prefers to mow the lawn in the buff, so long as the anus is covered.  Will Butt Mike check in on the subject?
  • We know you’re clamoring for Mike’s vacation stories.  How about how well a Torch Lake shitter can hold up?  Even when administering the “ass guillotine”?
  • Let’s run through this years list of highest earning entertainers.
  • Touching on  the “All Things Must Pass” documentary on Tower Records.
  • Remember Charles Rogers and his passing out in the car?  Well how about Jonathan Ledbetter?

Drew and Marc

July 11, 2016 | Download the Show

Screenshot 2016-07-11 23.48.25.png

  • Drew and Marc Host
  • Maarrrccc vs. Maahhhccc.  Let’s cover the Mark Fidrych documentary.
  • Following an impressive Derek Dating Diamond, Derek Jeter ties the knot with Hannah Davis, but has a less than stellar bachelor party.
  • The 2016 MLB All Star activities are underway.  Who better to call for an update than Al and Jim?
  • Draymond Green arrested for smacking a fan.
  • A man is sentenced in the Berrien County courthouse and manages two shoot and kill two bailiffs before being taken out.
  • Woman in Baton Rouge peacefully protesting will certainly lead to a viral picture being misconstrued.
  • Mitch Albom and the water ice.
  • Uh oh… Marc grounds Charlotte only to have it backfire.
  • Drew visits mom and among the many things watched included Snoop Dogg on Family Feud.
  • Let’s get a call into 94 year old George Lundy, baseball extraordinaire.
  • Clearly the Detroit Free Press is listening to the Drew And Mike Podcast because they’ve stepped up the countdown of top 100 Motown hits.
  • Gender gap statistics in who’d vote for Hillary vs. Trump.
  • Some continued ups and downs of Drew’s property.
  • Rudy Giuliani has an opinion of Black Lives Matter.
  • SIST (Serious Issue… Shallow Thought):  Does the Dallas police chief look like Seal?
  • Speculating on what Dallas sniper’s “RB” initials scrawled in blood meant.

Thong Man dies 44 days after talking with Drew and Mike

Download the Clip


Drew and Mike interviewed Joseph Gottschalk on May 8, 2003. He lived in  San Antonio, Texas and gained notoriety in 2003 because he had a preference for riding his bicycle in only his thong. 44 days later, on June 21st, Mr. Gottschalk was found dead in Big Bend National Park. His death was eventually ruled a suicide.



Drew, Marc and Charlie LeDuff

July 8, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew, Charlie and Marc Host
  • The Creem documentary
  • Barack Obama dons Muslim garb for his half-brother’s wedding.
  • Sniper attacks on Dallas police kill 5 officers.  Suspect Micah Xavier Johnson is taken out with an explosives robot.
  • Charlie gets to know some of Drew’s neighbors.
  • Would you take a dump in Roger Ailes’ bathroom?
  • As requested from yesterday’s show:  Kordell Stewart drops!
  • Allegedly Philando Castile matched the description of a burglar in the area ahead of his being shot.
  • Ficano might be elected as a judge just over his namesake.  How about the failed Wayne County jail project and the costs involved?
  • What happened to respecting and complying with police officers?
  • 80’s and 90’s with Sean Penn movies, Madonna songs, Duran Duran
  • Kwame Kilpatrick has extinguished his hopes of any early release or appeal.
  • Following a gig with the Detroit Fire Department, Charlie tells us that the 4th of July is the new Devil’s Night in Detroit.
  • Charles Pugh is extradited back to Detroit to face charges.
  • Are Trump and Hillary taking a back seat to the other unbelievable headlines?

Drew, Marc and Trudi!

  • Drew, Marc and Trudi Host
  • Back to back police shootings with videos.
  • Russell Wilson and Ciara wed
  • Trudi is keeping her eye on the annual Running of the Bulls… well the groping at least.  And who can forget the tomato fights?
  • 73 year old caught beating off at the Northville Community Pool.
  • Let’s get a call into attorney William Seikaly who represented thevictim of Charles Pugh.
  • Bob Bashara, celebrity erectile dysfunction commercials and other assorted goodies.
  • Gretchen Carlson, former Miss America and the latest on the sexual harassment story.
  • More Kwame Kilpatrick to include Carlita getting busted theCarmen Slowski hot tub incident.
  • Playback of the shooting aftermath Facebook video of Philando Castile.
  • Highland Park Human Rights Officer Ramzu Yunus taken down by several officers during his arrest, but “Serious Issue… Shallow Thought” from Marc is the comparison of Ramzu’s logo and Al Jazeera.
  • Tony Blair may be taking on some heat for the Iraq War, which take us to George Bush doll drops being back.
  • Sulu is coming out in the upcoming Star Trek movie.
  • Propecia drops!
  • A Wahlburgers location might be opening soon near you.
  • Reality TV shows and Riley Keough (Granddaughter of Elvis “I’m Sorry, Momma”) in “The Girlfriend Experience”.
  • Remember Vincent James and “Forever Love”?
  • What to name the studio?
  • Trudi introduces us to the Traveling Sprinkler and Marc introduces us to its 1 star ratings.

Drew and Marc

July 6, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and BranDON (@Pro_Duecer) today!
  • That’s right, you’re listening to the 41st ranked comedy podcast on iTunes.  How about helping us boost those ratings by checking us out on iTunes?
  • Baseball talk to include upcoming Mark Fidrych documentary and the Cubs infield making the All Star team.
  • Count ’em… 1, 2, 3 crazy car stories today.
  • Charlotte has no interest in coming to the podcast.
  • Drew considers doggie daycare for Maggs and Layla.   BranDON tells us how spoiled Bill is.
  • Kwame Kilpatrick is upset and takes to Daniel Ferguson III’s Facebook to rant.  We try to call some of the commenters to include a Ms. Spankfire.
  • The ongoing Free Press Best Motown 100 Songs countdown continues… 4 songs at a time.  Numbers 25 through 22.
  • Celebrities who sound like Butthead.
  • Celebrity boxing has a forthcoming bout between Michael Lohan and Jose Canseco.
  • Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Salahi.
  • Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to 6 years.
  • What’s the easiest way to ruin Marc’s fascination with reporter Hallie Jackson?
  • Alton Sterling is shot dead by police officers in Baton Rouge for selling single cigarettes and CD’s and having a gun on him.
  • Highland Park Human Rights Officer Ramzu Yunus is arrested.
  • Edsel Ford, II is arrested for domestic violence against his wife Cynthia, who isn’t pressing charges.
  • Time for another round of “Who Farted?”