The 2016 Drew and Mike Podcast


19 thoughts on “The 2016 Drew and Mike Podcast

  1. Just got turned on to your Podcast, first and only subscription.
    You are still the best in Detroit, and I appreciate that the gang is all there.

    How do I support you?


  2. Signs of trouble. I am a huge fan but listening to drew drone on and on about his social media stalker is getting rather tiresome. It’s like he has the same story with every co host


  3. Ahhahah you guys got me reading reviews about dumpy places. I read about one place. I drove by it on Saturday and said oh I bet that this place dump. Chesterfield Motor Inn over in New Baltimore. The reviews are hilarious.


  4. Are you planning on posting any of the 2017 episodes ?
    The podcast website only shows the most recent 15 episodes that I can find. Maybe I am missing something there and cant find the others. lol


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