Drew and Mike #24

June 10, 2016 | Download the File


  • Drew and Charlie LeDuff host
  • Gordie “Mr. Hockey” Howe Dies at 88
  • Charlie tells us about the status of the Flint water situation and how the replacing of pipes is going.
  • Darren McCarty at the Cannabis Cup in Clio among all the stoner hotties
  • So many people (even on death row) get wrongfully imprisoned.
  • Will James Tolbert face charges in the Davontae Sanford case?
  • How many police operate in your town?
  • OJ documentary.
  • Rosey Grier was sat next to The Juice on a flight as well as was at the Robert Kennedy assassination.
  • Far too much time has passed without conducting… a Harris Poll!
  • Drew takes us through this week in Rock ‘n’ Roll history.
  • Charlie covered a sad story on “The Americans” about Shamayim Harris who lost her baby and is trying to better the city of Highland Park and Avalon St.  Please consider donating to her Kickstarter campaign.  Thanks!

Drew and Mike Podcast #023

June 9, 2016 | Download the file


  • Trudi Daniels from WCSX and Marc Fellhauer from Detroit Sports 105.1 in studio today.
  • For those that missed the ML “Po” pic from yesterday, it is certainly worth a re-post!
  • Stumbling through the Detroit Free Press phone tree trying to get to Pulitzer Prize winner Mr. Jim Schaefer!
  • Jim fills us in on many stories to include the freeing of Davontae Sanford following admissions from hitman Vincent Smothers and legal teams.
  • Remember Lois Clermont?
  • A walk down memory lane of Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell, the hung Richard Matt and David Sweat.  Have your yack sack at the ready.
  • Jonathan “Fochnut” Pommerville video shames the “humpers and dumpers” in the Brightmoor neighborhood.
  • Bobby Brown confirms rumors of Whitney Houston being bisexual and having a lesbian buddy in Robyn Crawford.
  • Is Tom Cruise going to be in another “Top Gun” movie?  Did you do the “Cocktail” bottle flipping?
  • Tabloid time!  Barbara Streisand is entering “Biggun” territory.  Patrick Swayze’s wife Lisa Niemi apparently was a bruiser.  More Bill Clinton dick control issues.
  • Gil Garcetti discovers what we already knew about the OJ trial and those gloves.  However, we discover how handsome Gil looks in a scarf.
  • Richard “Fiona” Simmons.  The tale goes on.
  • Nancy Dow who is Jennifer Aniston’s mom has passed away.
  • What do you think is the full story behind Amber Heard and Johnny Depp?
  • Justine Dweeber picks a fight and… you guessed it… loses!
  • Is Marc facially hair challenged?  Let’s not even get into the downstairs.