Drew and Mike – Podcast 21 Online

June 7, 2016 | Download the file.

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  • Drew and Marc Host
  • NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance)
  • Bobby Brown says the first time he saw Whitney Houston do some blow was in her wedding dress
  • Are you keeping up with this season’s “The Bachelorette”?
  • Tigers talk… Michael Fulmer and Mark Fidrych.
  • There’s a documentary out on Anthony Weiner.
  • Andy Samberg is hilarious in “Popstar:  Never Stop Never Stopping”.
  • Let’s hear Marc’s opinion on the Harambe incident.
  • Will the new “Ghostbusters” movie suck as bad as the trailer?
  • First Carlos and Cindy Santana cover the National Anthem.  How does Metallica, well James and Kirk, cover it?
  • Drew read a… uh… Steve Perry and Journey book.
  • Journey’s replacement singer Arnel Pineda reminds Marc of Ardell of the Ray & Pete days.
  • Paging Dr. Henry Heimlich.
  • Let’s lay out some Tiger Woods drops.  Was it PED’s or knowing that he had some tail waiting for him that influenced his golf play?
  • Ever have a horrid stay at a hotel?  Marc discovers some interesting reviews.
  • Dr. Henry Heimlich used the “Me Maneuver” that he founded.  Let’s give him a call.
  • The etymology of “tit”.
  • Wrapping it up with O.J. Simpson and Richard Simmons.
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