Drew and Mike – Podcast 21 Online

June 7, 2016 | Download the file.

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  • Drew and Marc Host
  • NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance)
  • Bobby Brown says the first time he saw Whitney Houston do some blow was in her wedding dress
  • Are you keeping up with this season’s “The Bachelorette”?
  • Tigers talk… Michael Fulmer and Mark Fidrych.
  • There’s a documentary out on Anthony Weiner.
  • Andy Samberg is hilarious in “Popstar:  Never Stop Never Stopping”.
  • Let’s hear Marc’s opinion on the Harambe incident.
  • Will the new “Ghostbusters” movie suck as bad as the trailer?
  • First Carlos and Cindy Santana cover the National Anthem.  How does Metallica, well James and Kirk, cover it?
  • Drew read a… uh… Steve Perry and Journey book.
  • Journey’s replacement singer Arnel Pineda reminds Marc of Ardell of the Ray & Pete days.
  • Paging Dr. Henry Heimlich.
  • Let’s lay out some Tiger Woods drops.  Was it PED’s or knowing that he had some tail waiting for him that influenced his golf play?
  • Ever have a horrid stay at a hotel?  Marc discovers some interesting reviews.
  • Dr. Henry Heimlich used the “Me Maneuver” that he founded.  Let’s give him a call.
  • The etymology of “tit”.
  • Wrapping it up with O.J. Simpson and Richard Simmons.
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8 thoughts on “Drew and Mike – Podcast 21 Online

  1. I really love the show. Today’s show with Marc was pretty strong. I am trying to find your email address so that I can send you an email about my ‘experience’ at the Milner.


  2. Enjoyed show 21 very much, had me cracking up! My only complaint is the song they played during there one break, terrible! lol


    • I didn’t like the song either. They are usually winners too. Oh well, can’t hit the ball over the fence every time.


  3. Harambe’s life matters, Markass. He was alpha ape. Learn about things before you open your mouth. And be nice to album, drew. He blazed the trail for you.


  4. Crying shame Clark was gaycationing and didn’t get first play of Ray and Pete. Love the podcast u can infect my brain and ears all fucking day long with my favorite voices since I moved here in 2004. Camlachie canada. Stern was big but was gone and I am glad cause you’re show is a million times better. So happy you guy’s are back if I die today I am happy I listened to you bastards all day long it kinds sick.


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