Drew and Mike tell the story of Elvis and his DEA badge from President Nixon. Then the guys listen to some actual audio from the King. Also a little bit of Trudie News talking about Jim Harper’s last day at WNIC

From December 21, 2011 – clipped by Mr. Paul Zook, 


Delbert Harris Phone Calls


These are just seven phone calls we have found so far. I’m sure there are many more. They’ll be in the “best of” section as they are found. 

  • 1994 001- Flesh Eating Bacteria – Download
  • 1994 002 – Woodstock – Download
  • 1996 – Back home from Detroit – Download
  • 1997 – Caller Meets Delbert – Download
  • 2003 – Saddam Captured –  Download
  • 2005 – March – Michael Jackson Trial – Download
  • 2005 – August – BTK – Download

I wanted to give a plug to our friends over at the Detroit Cast! We are getting hundreds and hundreds of new visitors since the Drew and Mike podcast was announced. I wanted to let you know about the Detroit Cast, if you haven’t heard yet! 

Mike Wolters, long time producer of the Drew and Mike show started the Detroit Cast, with none other then Mike Clark! Mike Clark did 60 episodes with Mike Wolters. We have all of those shows archived here:


Mike Wolters moved on with a new host, his buddy Jay along with intern Eric from the Drew and Mike show! They’ve pumped out over 560 shows and record almost five days a week! Give them a listen:


Who was Zip?

We had an anonymous question that got deleted on accident. It basically asked, “Who was Zip, what was his real name and why did he leave?”

The answer:

Drew Lane was first paired with Peter Zipfel for the “The Drew & Zip Show,” which lasted for a short while before Zipfel left the station for personal reasons. You can listen to Drew and Zip in the 1992 and 1993 sections: