Drew and Mike, #038

Download the File | June 29, 2016


  • Drew, Don and Jay Host
  • Arachnophobic Don points out spiders in the studio.
  • Drew asks:  “Is there anything associated with ‘secretion’ that isn’t gross?”
  • With the shutdown of Detroit Sports 105.1, the comments (both good and bad) are rolling in.
  • The crazy story of the Texas mom that shot both of her teenage daughters before getting taken out by the police.
  • Drew reflects on the Boston husband-and-wife news anchor team of Natalie Jacobson and Chet Curtis.
  • This takes us to another story of a husband-and-wife news team in Tucson who’s newborn baby tested positive for cocaine.
  • “TJ” takes exception to a “fatty” customer at his father’s restaurant.
  • Alanis Morissette wants you to know that she’s pregnant.  So what better way than a nude pic in the pool?
  • The ongoing demise of Johnny Manziel.
  • A mother purchases a gun for her teenage son and the results are not good.
  • Email pouring in already about the Detroit Sports 105.1 show we just did.
  • Sir Mack Rice, composer of “Mustang Sally” passes away at 82.
  • Mavis Staples and Wilco perform an unforgettable rehearsal of “Weight“.

105.1 Sports is Dead – Drew and Mike Special Podcast

Download the Episode | June 29, 2016

Drew Lane 105.1.jpg

  • Breaking News Special Episode:  Detroit Sports 105.1 is changing format and off the air.
  • Drew, Don and Jay Report on the Story


Drew and Mike – Marc Edition, #037

June 28, 2016 | Download the file | Download via iTunes!

DM podcast

  • Drew and Marc Host
  • Still reeling over the backlash of Jesse Williams and Justin Timberlake story.
  • Tale of Two Quarterbacks:  Tim Tebow praying with a flight passenger having a heart attack.  Johnny Manziel bought a$1,000 worth of drug paraphernalia after the latest hit-and-run incident.
  • Marc got an enticing voicemail from “David”.  Let’s call “David” back and get to the bottom of this.
  • Back to a Johnny Manziel update – he’s in Mexico and taunting his father?
  • Did you watch the Detroit Fireworks?  How about the Super Singer hosted by Chuck Gaidica?
  • Daily helping of Clinton, Trump and Brexit chat.
  • Bruce, uh Caitlyn Jenner to pose on the cover of Sports Illustrated to mark 40th anniversary of gold medal win in 1976.
  • WIlliam “The Fridge” Perry and his chair not doing so well these days.
  • Legendary women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt passes away at 64.

Drew and Mike Podcast – #036

  • Drew, Trudi and Matt Host
  • Matt reflects upon his Super Bowl excursions.
  • Matt & Drew and strip club memories.
  • How close have you come to missing a flight?
  • Fireworks in Detroit tonight.
  • Matt’s take on the Guns N’ Roses show in Detroit.
  • Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren look like they are becoming twins.
  • Drew found the lead up stories to Brexit… BORING!
  • Trudi takes us back to Jeb Bush in need of applause.
  • Kelly McGillis calls 911 over her home invasion and looks like hell these days.
  • Meg Ryan looked rather weathered at the Tonys.
  • Did Oscar Pistorius walking on his stumps in court make him appear more incapable of murder?
  • Remember Olivia Newton-John and the “disappearing” Patrick McDermott story?
  • Ariel Winter celebrates 2 million Instagram viewers with what else?  An Instagram picture.
  • Tresa Baldas from the Detroit Free Press fills us in on Charles Pugh.
  • Detroit Lions cheerleader tryouts (and wisecracks) are underway.
  • The ongoing Detroit Free Press countdown of Motown hits.  4 at a time and we’re only up to #26 – Alice Cooper with “School’s Out”.
  • Trudi and the Martha Reeves encounter.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court rejects Kwame Kilpatrick’s appeal for a new trial.
  • Are you part of the universal rejection of the new “Ghostbusters” trailer?
  • Ticketmaster loses a class-action lawsuit and as part of the settlement is issuing shit “free tickets”.
  • Outrage at Justin Timberlake tweet

Drew and Mike, #35

June 25, 2016 | Download the File


  • Drew, Charlie and Trudi Host
  • Charlie is fresh off of the latest Fox 2 Let It Rip and the Charles Pugh story.
  • Frank Smoger tosses a 13 year old girl into the river.
  • The FBI is claiming there is no proof that Orlando shooter was gay?  Let’s hear an interview from one of his alleged boyfriends.
  • A doctor trained in Sudan and from the Flint area is suspected of associated with ISIS.
  • Someone in the Iwo Jima picture is misidentified.
  • Rumors of past presidents.  Who was hotter, Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Onassis?
  • Who was Prince Harry’s real father?
  • Did Hillary Clinton demoralize Secret Service staff?
  • Guns N’ Roses kicked off their 2016 tour in Detroit.  Jay didn’t witness any Axl tardiness or meltdowns, just a lot of wardrobe changes.  This of course takes us through some of Axl’s meltdowns back in the day.
  • Charlie informs us of the dire situations at the Cook County’s jail.

Drew and Mike – #034

June 23, 2016 | Download the File


  • Drew and Marc Host
  • Charles Pugh arrested in New York to face criminal sexual charges.
  • Drew shares the story of entitlement.
  • With all the Juice-ness as of late with the OJ documentary, how about a call into Norman Pardo?
  • Led Zeppelin wins their copyright lawsuit.
  • Going through a list of the top 10 songs that Led Zeppelin ripped off.
  • White Boy Rick denied re-sentencing by Michigan Supreme Court.  This leads Marc to wander back through the streets of OTIS.
  • Rick Tyler wants to “Make ‘Mericuh White Again“.
  • Kathryn Bigelow and Bowe Berghdal.
  • Remember those Casey Anthony jailhouse calls with the folks?
  • Who is the hottest female to commit murder?
  • Ian Halperin ponders if the Kim and Ray J sex tape was intentional.
  • Some more from the Bobby Brown book “Every Little Step”.
  • This is the Year Of The Bird Shit… according to Marc.
  • Is there security camera footage of Orlando shooter and his gay lover having rendezvouses at the dumpy Ambassador hotel?