Drew and Marc and Trudi – #029

June 16, 2016 | Download the File


  • Drew, Marc and Trudi Host
  • 2:50:32 Hours Long
  • AR-15’s are flying off the shelves.  Trudi should have listened to Joey and bought AR-15 stock.
  • Update on Drew’s porch situation.  Does a bird have it in for Drew?
  • Ever live next door to a house of skank?  Greg “The Silver Fox” Bosel has!
  • What will become of Disney’s Orlando result following the alligator incident?  While we’re on the subject, how about Disney hotel reviews?
  • Let’s peruse the latest from the Enquirer to include Dolly Parton’s brother Randy packing heat.
  • Getting back with “Todd” from Tykables.  Marc wants to ride the horse.
  • How is the Led Zeppelin trial going so far?
  • Are the words “Radical Islamists” taboo in your opinion?
  • Going through some of your email regarding the Trump Doctrine.
  • Wrapping up the tabloids.
  • Bob, errr Zoey Tur (daughter Katy) and the other parts of the latest in the OJ documentary.  How about the infamous fake call to Peter Jennings?
  • Orlando terrorist dork was texting his wife during the standoff.