Ray and Pete


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  1. Introducing Peter: The Crucifixion Of Dinner
  2. Introducing Ray: I Am Ready Now!
  3. This Time I Attack
  4. I Am A Killin’ Motherfucker (Re: Eddie Lee)
  5. You Wanna Stick Me With That Fork?
  6. Go To Bed: Fist Fight I
  7. Someday I Will Kill You
  8. Sorry Darling
  9. I Despise All Queers
  10. What Did You Do During The War?
  11. Don’t Call Me Goodnight!
  12. Some day I will kill you
  13. Introducing Tony: I Seen Them Potheads
  14. On The Floor Again: Fist Fight II
  15. You Always Giggle Falsely
  16. Ray, You Are Just Fucking Up!
  17. I Was A Mean Motherfucker In My Time
  18. Ray’s Soliloquy: I Am The Human Race!
  19. Toenails
  20. Vodka
  21. Sorry Darling
  22. I Don’t Wanna Watch Queer Shit: Fist Fight III
  23. Tony Stripped Her Down!
  24. Nova Express Times Survey On Alcoholism
  25. Queers Giggle
  26. Where Are The Police?
  27. A Night In Stony Lonesome
  28. I am ready now
  29. You Don’t Have Friends
  30. Go Live South Of Market
  31. The Killing Of 14 People
  32. Ray Mewls At The Cops
  33. We’ll Set Your Hair On Fire
  34. Cheap Little Bitch
  35. A Liar, A Thief And A Cheat
  36. I Am A Man
  37. I Tried To Make This A Home
  38. If You Wanna Talk To Me Then Shut Your Fuckin’ Mouth
  39. The End
  40. Spanish Fellow

  1. Drew and Mike talking about the Ray and Pete movie – Download
  2. Finding Tony, Plus listening to RP clips – Download
  3. Drew and Mike Eddie Lee Phone Call – Download