Drew and Mike #020

June 6, 2016 | Download the Episode Directly | Download via iTunes


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • 02:28:19 Hours Long
  • Back with Drew and Mike!
  • Would-be assassin is enjoying visits with mom and guitar lessons?
  • Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger Clinton busted for DUI.
  • Does wanting a more secure border and associated wall make Donald Trump a racist?
  • Muhammad Ali passes away.  Remember those days with Ali and Howard Cosell?
  • The Miss USA pageant was scant on brains and boobs.
  • Circling back to Donald Trump, let’s talk to Mr. Bob Guillo and get his take on Donald Trump University.
  • As Trudi rightfully pointed out, Johnny Depp is looking rather haggard.
  • What’s your take on Harambe gorilla incident from the Cincinnati Zoo?
  • Did you catch the National Anthem covered by Carlos and Cindy Santana at the NBA Finals?
  • Drew re-reads “The Life And Times Of Phil Hartman” by Mike Thomas with rediscovered tidbits of how it went down with Brynn.



Darryl Strawberry Stolen Car


NY Daily News Story on what happened:

DARRYL STRAWBERRY keeps striking out – even if his days on the baseball diamond are long over. The former Mets and Yankees slugger is in trouble with the law again, this time for concocting a phony tale about a stolen SUV, Florida police said yesterday. Delray Beach police charged Strawberry with filing a false report over the missing SUV, which turned up – with his wallet – behind a bar in Lake Worth, Fla. The troubled former jock – who’s struggled with cocaine, colon cancer and paying his taxes – had reported the rented Nissan Murano stolen on Sept. 17, claiming it disappeared during a cigarette run to a convenience store. But a store surveillance tape showed Strawberry driving away in a different car, said police spokesman Jeff Messer.

He admitted lying to cops, Messer said, and was charged with a misdemeanor. Strawberry told the Daily News yesterday that the whole incident was a “misunderstanding” – and gave a different account than cops. He said the trouble started when he lent the SUV to a male friend he knows from Alcoholics Anonymous. He said the man in turn lent the SUV to a woman Strawberry doesn’t know. That’s when, Strawberry said, he filed a police report. “It was a mistake on my part,” Strawberry said. “I should have never loaned this guy my car to begin with. He’s no longer my friend.

Best of Update

I’ve added a lot of new audio this past week. Not all make it to the front page, but they all make the best of page.