Drew and Mike, #33

  • Drew, Don and Jay Host
  • An Alabama girl manages to get her head stuck in a Barney (I Love You) costume.
  • The latest ESPN Body Issue has the boner over/under not looking well.
  • Jimmy Carter banned Iranians back in the day.
  • Going through some of the Riley Curry Twitter bashing.
  • 51% of the Muslim population wants Sharia Law?
  • ISIS leader’s mansion found abandoned.
  • Arranged marriages and Orlando shooter’s gay partner.
  • Prince protege Judith Hill outlines being on the fateful flight with Prince.
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is happy to collect your personal info, but has tape over his MacBook’s web cam and audio ports?
  • Remember “True Beauty”?
  • The Church of Scientology opens the world’s largest movie studio.
  • Jumping back into more of Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step” book.

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