Mike has a hankering​

Mike doesn’t want any bullshit cupcakes.

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Howard Stern on Mike Clark

Howard Stern talks about Mike Clark and Detroit radio in the early 1980’s. Howard Stern came to Detroit twice during the Drew and Mike years and never was able to knock them out of the number 1 morning spot.

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Mike W. Clark Has Died

Mike Clark died in his sleep last night.


His family announced on Facebook, “It is with great sadness that we announce that Mike Clark has passed away during the night. He is now flying high like he always wanted. 🛫🛬✈️🛩 We do ask for the privacy of the family members as they mourn his passing but welcome to leave any posts or comments below and they will be passed on to the family.”

Pray for Mike W. Clark

Here is a message from Mike’s sister:15202648_366212990395908_5894755467854036417_n.jpg

By way of intro, I am Mike Clark’s (Drew & Mike) Sister, Cyn. Mike has asked me to write a note on his behalf. Shortly, after Mike joined in on the podcast, it became evident he was having difficulty with his voice. Unfortunately, his voice became worse and he was forced to seek medical attention. Mike has been in the hospital for quite a while after being diagnosed with bilateral vocal cord paralysis. As you all know, Mike without a voice and signature laugh has been a great change for him and our family. Fortunately, Mike will be discharged soon and be transported to a health center to rebuild his stamina and speaking ability.

Mike wanted all his fans to understand why he has not been able to even participate a couple of days on the podcast as originally planned. As you all know Mike’s biggest joy in life has always been to be one of the folks to get people through the good and bad times, through a hard day at work, or on a day drive to and from work with funny antics, jokes, and crazy stories. If my Facebook family and friends could please share this note so more of his devoted fans understand his absence, it would be greatly appreciated. Should you feel inclined to write him a note on his Facebook page or mine I will make sure he reads each of them. On behalf of our family, please know how grateful we are for your support and prayers!