The Best of Mike Clark Audio


  • Mike’s Balls burned – Download
  • Mike’s Boner Story – Download
  • Mike’s Bestriend – Download
  • Mike Flying – Download
  • Mike Got Lost – Download
  • Mike night call? – Download
  • Mike’s Gallbladder – Delux Edition – Download
    • Mike Gallbladder Fox 2 Story – Download
    • John Smyntek on Mike’s Gallbladder Story – Download
    • Deena Centofanti responds to Sminity – Download
  • Mike’s Dad kills a bat in the nude – Download
  • Mike emails Kid Rock – Download
  • Mike 3D Printer – Download
  • Mike’s MSU Voicemail 2004- Download
  • Mike’s MSU/Notre Dame Voicemail 2006- Download
  • Mike’s MSU Voicemail Best Of’s – Download
  • Mike’s Salad Story – Download
  • Mike out of control – Download
  • Mike’s Promises – Download
  • Mike Clark’s Golf Fantasy Video – Download
  • Mike Clark Open Mic – Download
  • Mike’s Gay Stories – Download
  • Mike’s Dad and his friend Art – Download
  • Mike and the Garage Door – Download
  • Mike Garage Door Anniversary – Download
  • Mike’s Bowling Voicemail – Download
  • Mike calls 911 – Download
  • Mike Clark, Welcome Back – Download
  • Mike introduced to David Trump – Download
  • Mike Clark take Marc and Mike Flying – Download
  • Don’t Stump Mike – Friends Edition – Download
  • Don’t Stump Mike – Jingle Edition – Download (No Drew)
  • Don’t Stump Mike – Sports Edition – Download
  • Don’t Stump Mike – Stump Mike Edition – Download
  • Don’t Stump Mike – General Edition I – Download

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Mike W. Clark Has Died

Mike Clark died in his sleep last night.


His family announced on Facebook, “It is with great sadness that we announce that Mike Clark has passed away during the night. He is now flying high like he always wanted. 🛫🛬✈️🛩 We do ask for the privacy of the family members as they mourn his passing but welcome to leave any posts or comments below and they will be passed on to the family.”

Pray for Mike W. Clark

Here is a message from Mike’s sister:15202648_366212990395908_5894755467854036417_n.jpg

By way of intro, I am Mike Clark’s (Drew & Mike) Sister, Cyn. Mike has asked me to write a note on his behalf. Shortly, after Mike joined in on the podcast, it became evident he was having difficulty with his voice. Unfortunately, his voice became worse and he was forced to seek medical attention. Mike has been in the hospital for quite a while after being diagnosed with bilateral vocal cord paralysis. As you all know, Mike without a voice and signature laugh has been a great change for him and our family. Fortunately, Mike will be discharged soon and be transported to a health center to rebuild his stamina and speaking ability.

Mike wanted all his fans to understand why he has not been able to even participate a couple of days on the podcast as originally planned. As you all know Mike’s biggest joy in life has always been to be one of the folks to get people through the good and bad times, through a hard day at work, or on a day drive to and from work with funny antics, jokes, and crazy stories. If my Facebook family and friends could please share this note so more of his devoted fans understand his absence, it would be greatly appreciated. Should you feel inclined to write him a note on his Facebook page or mine I will make sure he reads each of them. On behalf of our family, please know how grateful we are for your support and prayers!

Drew and Mike in Studio!

Download the Show | July 28, 2016


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Starting off a bit later today.  Semi trucks, traffic, charlie horses for starters.
  • Mike reflects on his love for planes and getting his first flight lesson at age 7.
  • Speaking of planes, remember MTV’s “Real World” Go Big Or Go Home episodes?
  • Feeling nostalgic?  MTV is bringing back some of the older material to include “Remote Control“.
  • Circling back to Hink Dog’s release, Mike is none too pleased.  Shouldn’t there be more back lash about this?
  • Michigan about to release some murderers.  What’s your take on that?
  • Frank Reynolds was covering the Reagan assassination and was quite pissed.
  • Going through the history of Squeaky Fromme and Sara Jane Moore along with Patty Hearst.
  • If you want to play “Paper, Rock, Scissors” with the Detroit Tigers, better do better than Kinsler.
  • Remember Brad Ausmus and the ejection in the Minnesota game?
  • WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton… and on the subject of leaks, Butt Mike checks in.
  • North Korea again declares war.  This time over the sanctions being laid upon chubby Kim Jong Un.
  • Another walk through the Clinton neighborhood to include Billmeeting “the warden”, Chelsea and the silver spoon, and Hillary’s desire for power, refusal to use contractions and her ugly pantsuits.
  • How presidential is Donald Trump with things like offering Russia to find Hillary’s missing email?  Maybe Butt Mike can answer it.

The Drew and Mike Show

July 26, 2016 | Download the Show

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.48.28 AM.png


The Drew and Mike Show

Download the Show | July 21, 2016


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Even with the storms brewing outside, Mr. Clark makes it here despite a month long vacation and a sick day already in the short life span of the show.  What a trooper!
  • Mike’s “issues” pale in comparison to Macaulay Caulkin’s “issues”.
  • Did Bill Maher pay up on the $5 million bet against Donald Trump over the orangutan?
  • Do you think Ted Cruz sank his political career over his non-endorsement speech?  Booed offstage and his wife getting whisked away by the police.
  • Marco Rubio spoke as well.  Was it worth it?
  • Mr. Charlie LeDuff (@Charlieleduff) from Fox 2 Detroit checks in and fills us in on the RNC police presence, the dolt that set himself on fire and punched a cop, parties and hot women, and loopholes?
  • Remember Trump on Oprah years ago saying he’d probably not run for president?  Remember H. Ross Perot?
  • Another police shooting, this time in Miami of a therapist lying on the ground with hands up while tending to his autistic patient.
  • Yesterday would’ve been the 14th birthday of Aiyana Jones who was shot by Detroit Police who were searching for the murderer that her father was harboring in the home.
  • rally downtown for ex-felons having a hard time finding work.  Turns out the leader of the rally is an ex-felon himself that lied on a job application about being an ex-felon and lost his job.
  • Trying to reach a co-founder of a self-engagement movement for women.  Will have to track her down.
  • How about a call to Dr. Harlan Vanover, the 94-year old that has a 6th degree black belt in Karate, and apparently not sure where his “deef” wife is.
  • How long does Nick Nolte have left to live?
  • Joe Piscopo has been on Fox News lately touting Trump.  He’s doing an AM radio gig in New York, AM970 The Answer.
  • Is Neil Cavuto from Fox News dead?
  • Recapping the new Ghostbusters movie hatred, Leslie Jones bailing on Twitter, and Milo Yiannopoulos.
  • Are there too many movie / TV show reboots / remakes these days?
  • Revisiting the Jenny McCarthy vs. Tara Reid battle.  Remember Tara’s tit dropping out on the red carpet at P. Diddy’s 35th birthday party event?
  • Reminiscing on Greater Media and WRIF since their sale to Beasley Media Group.  Mr. Tom Bender celebrated his retirement after 30 years.
  • NBA moves its All-Star game out of North Carolina over the LGBT bathroom law.
  • There would never be a problem with transgenders abusing the option to use the bathroom would there?  Certainly not at the Target store in Idaho.
  • Allegedly the Baton Rouge shooter Gavin “Cosmo” Long sent his manifesto to an Ohio rapper Yarima Karama.

Drew and Mike Live

July 14th, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Donald Trump is set to announce his selection for Vice President tomorrow.
  • Mike and the U.S. Department of Treasury
  • Phoenix has a serial killer on the loose.  Does he have an accomplice?
  • We need to get a hold of Geraldine to discuss Sandra Bullock’s next husband choice.
  • Valerie Bertinelli is tipping the scale at 175 these days.
  • Charlie Sheen is in financial trouble.
  • Has Jennifer Aniston gotten fake boobs?  How about Taylor Swift?
  • Lindsay Lohan gets into an argument with her fiance
  • Would you throw a hot dog down the Kardashian hallway?
  • Was Hillary Clinton lying about the email scandal?
  • Sam Riddle
  • 4 off-duty police officers walk out of a security detail for WNBA Minnesota Lynx game due to anti-cop t-shirts.
  • Isaiah Crowell posts a crude cop beheading cartoon depiction on Facebook.  Has since apologized.
  • Merri McGregor, former Detroit police officer and her Facebook post.
  • 2016 ESPY’s.  How do you feel about the opening remarks by Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James?
  • Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock with Kat Von D and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.
  • ACLU and residents sue over tax foreclosures in Detroit.
  • Don’t play Pokemon Go at the Holocaust Museum.
  • Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad claims the Unites States isn’t serious about defeating ISIS.
  • We get a hold of the “U.S. Department of Treasury” to settle a tax debt.
  • In his rare porn searching, Drew seeks Sydney Leathers (from Anthony Wiener fame) and instead has to settle for a virus hoax.

Drew and Mike Finally!

Download the Show | July 12, 2016


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Drew tells us of cherry bombs, toilets and Dr. Disgusto.
  • Drew discovers some medicine that yields some “leave the house” caliber gas.
  • Dallas funeral for 5 fallen officers.  Police chief David “Seal” Brown references Stevie Wonder’s “I’ll Be Loving You Always“.  George W. Bush and Barack Obama deliver some solid speeches, too.
  • Recapping Facebook livestream shooting in Minnesota, Regan’s funeral, Detroit police officers suspended for Facebook racism posts and 4 arrested for Facebook threatening police officers, oh and Larry King’s tweets.
  • Charles Pugh is arraigned in Detroit.
  • Cynthia Ford’s 911 call from Edsel Ford II incident.
  • Are you going to the 75th birthday bash for Martha Reeves (Trudi isn’t)?  Bring $15.
  • John Davis of South Haven prefers to mow the lawn in the buff, so long as the anus is covered.  Will Butt Mike check in on the subject?
  • We know you’re clamoring for Mike’s vacation stories.  How about how well a Torch Lake shitter can hold up?  Even when administering the “ass guillotine”?
  • Let’s run through this years list of highest earning entertainers.
  • Touching on  the “All Things Must Pass” documentary on Tower Records.
  • Remember Charles Rogers and his passing out in the car?  Well how about Jonathan Ledbetter?

Mike’s Gallbladder Story on Fox2

Fox 2 Detroit’s Deena Centofanti did a story on Mike Clark’s gallbladder surgery. Then a few days later the Detroit Free Press Names and Faces writer John Smyntek wrote an article attacking the piece as a May Sweeps Stunt. Sminty calls in to defend his article. Then later in that same show, Deena Centofanti calls in and responds to Sminty’s attack article.



Drew and Mike – 018 Online

May 26, 2016 | Download the file | Download via iTunes

  • Drew and Mike Host
  • 2:07:33 Hours Long
  • Drew and Mike photo session with them.
  • Drew’s shovel
  • A Saudi Arabian man decides to shoot the male doctor that delivered his wife’s baby… for seeing her nude.  Does a female Muslim newborn get hijab’ed immediately after birth?


  • Shawn Bryant of “SneakersBox” tells us about opening day at the Nike Store in Detroit along with some other stories to include the Book Cadillac Tower.
  • The Drew & Mike Podcast might be taking some time off next week for Timko to work at the Detroit Grand Prix and for us to catalog some drops.
  • If you’re a male Muslim student in Switzerland, be sure to shake your female teacher’s hand.
  • Mike speculates on the real purpose of robe wearing.
  • Any doo doo feces encounters that you would care to email us about?
  • Drew takes us through “Zoolander 2”.
  • Gravity Payments made the news with adjusting its employee baseline salary to $70,000.  Let’s throw in a call.
  • Don’t even think about sending your employees an email during the weekend or on holidays in France!
  • Have you seen Jamie Kennedy’s “Heckler” movie from back in 2007?
  • 8 tracks.
  • Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) jumped in to fund Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit
  • OJ Simpson trial and Kato Kaelin.

Drew and Mike #016

May 24, 2016 | Download the Podcast Directly | Download from iTunes

  • Drew and Mike Host
  • 2:10:25 Hours Long
  • Recap by the official Podcast Staff
  • Bring back the megaphone!
  • Let’s hear what keeps Mike busy these days.  As per Marc’s suggestion, Mike needs to carry around a diary.
  • Bill Cosby makes his way into court, but has a little trouble at the metal detector.
  • A terrific call to Mr. Rob Wolchek from Fox 2 Detroit with thelatest on Michael Skupin from “Survivor”.
  • Rob-Wolchek.jpgMichael-Skupin-01.jpgIn other Ponzi scheme news, reflections of Bernie Madoff.
  • So Drew appears to have stumbled across a rather informative erection video.
  • Why not segue from that story to Jo Jo Fletcher from the Bachelor?
  • Ann Arbor’s own Laith Al-Saadi nails “White Room” on “The Voice”!
  • Let’s get a call in to a Trump business.
  • That went well, so let’s make some more Trump calls while mixing in some other odd and end news stories.
  • A home for sale in the Little Caesar’s Arena zone along with a couple of Drew’s real estate woes.
  • Police officer Edward Nero is acquitted in the Freddie Gray case in Maryland.
  • Is Jonah Falcon “too damn big”?
  • On the way out, a remarkable guest appearance!
  • Thanks again for all of the logo submissions and email as well as remembering to check us out via iTunes to help the ratings.  Our show postings will be arriving via social media very soon.

Drew and Mike Podcast, Episode 11

Download a Mirror of episode 11Download the show from iTunes stream!


  • First 2+ hour show: 02:30:44
  • Show recap written by Jeff
  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Drew working part time radio and selling paper products.
  • Donald Trump
  • John Smyntek phone call! Smyntek Synonyms for Drew and Mike:
    • Fecal Funsters (Fecal Boys)
    • Dukes of the Duodenum
    • Masters of Methane
    • Pharaohs of Fart
    • Rajis of Raunch
    • Sultans of Sexology
    • Lords of the Lewd
    • Kings of Kink
    • Bosses of Babble
    • Deans of Dirty
    • Mirrors of Mirth (I didn’t catch the first word, it can’t be Mirrors, can it?)
    • Supervisors of Swan
    • Princes of Poop
    • Judges of Jocularity
    • Viceroys of Vulgarity
    • Virtuosos of Vice
    • Honchos of Hilarity
  • Drew reads the Justin Verlander and Emily Yuen story written by Jeff Moss on the
  • Dave Rexroth Firework accident.
  • Clinton has a new anti-Trump commercial
  • Rich Cohen’s book “The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones”.
  • Mateen Cleaves case?
  • An upskirting story complete with a slap.
  • Mike’s vacation (all 30 days of it!) are coming up.  Where will he be going?
  • Drew had problems with bedbugs
  • Tiger Woods not playing well.
  • That’s a wrap!