Drew and Mike – 018 Online

May 26, 2016 | Download the file | Download via iTunes

  • Drew and Mike Host
  • 2:07:33 Hours Long
  • Drew and Mike photo session with them.
  • Drew’s shovel
  • A Saudi Arabian man decides to shoot the male doctor that delivered his wife’s baby… for seeing her nude.  Does a female Muslim newborn get hijab’ed immediately after birth?


  • Shawn Bryant of “SneakersBox” tells us about opening day at the Nike Store in Detroit along with some other stories to include the Book Cadillac Tower.
  • The Drew & Mike Podcast might be taking some time off next week for Timko to work at the Detroit Grand Prix and for us to catalog some drops.
  • If you’re a male Muslim student in Switzerland, be sure to shake your female teacher’s hand.
  • Mike speculates on the real purpose of robe wearing.
  • Any doo doo feces encounters that you would care to email us about?
  • Drew takes us through “Zoolander 2”.
  • Gravity Payments made the news with adjusting its employee baseline salary to $70,000.  Let’s throw in a call.
  • Don’t even think about sending your employees an email during the weekend or on holidays in France!
  • Have you seen Jamie Kennedy’s “Heckler” movie from back in 2007?
  • 8 tracks.
  • Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) jumped in to fund Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit
  • OJ Simpson trial and Kato Kaelin.

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