Drew and Mike Finally!

Download the Show | July 12, 2016


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Drew tells us of cherry bombs, toilets and Dr. Disgusto.
  • Drew discovers some medicine that yields some “leave the house” caliber gas.
  • Dallas funeral for 5 fallen officers.  Police chief David “Seal” Brown references Stevie Wonder’s “I’ll Be Loving You Always“.  George W. Bush and Barack Obama deliver some solid speeches, too.
  • Recapping Facebook livestream shooting in Minnesota, Regan’s funeral, Detroit police officers suspended for Facebook racism posts and 4 arrested for Facebook threatening police officers, oh and Larry King’s tweets.
  • Charles Pugh is arraigned in Detroit.
  • Cynthia Ford’s 911 call from Edsel Ford II incident.
  • Are you going to the 75th birthday bash for Martha Reeves (Trudi isn’t)?  Bring $15.
  • John Davis of South Haven prefers to mow the lawn in the buff, so long as the anus is covered.  Will Butt Mike check in on the subject?
  • We know you’re clamoring for Mike’s vacation stories.  How about how well a Torch Lake shitter can hold up?  Even when administering the “ass guillotine”?
  • Let’s run through this years list of highest earning entertainers.
  • Touching on  the “All Things Must Pass” documentary on Tower Records.
  • Remember Charles Rogers and his passing out in the car?  Well how about Jonathan Ledbetter?

3 thoughts on “Drew and Mike Finally!

  1. Thank goodness Mike is back.
    With all due respect, the reason I couldn’t listen to 105.1 was Marc… unlistenable to my tastes.
    All is good in the world again.
    Cheers !


    • Shut up Gerry, no one likes you. Marc is awesome. Best version of the show is drew Marc and maz. Sucks a new one didn’t come out today


  2. Sorry, Mike’s “pinch a loaf” bathroom humor was never funny and he is really out-of-touch with current events. Drew and Marc have good chemistry, they can carry on a conversation about relevant topics and make it funny & thought-provoking. I find myself re-listening to podcasts of Drew & Marc rather than Drew & Mike. Keep Drew & Marc, throw in Trudi, Maz and Charlie (and ML Elrick) every few episodes and you have a winning show. Don’t know what it takes (as I am not in the radio biz) to make this a paying gig for these folks (be it sponsors, etc.), but it would be a shame to let this die.


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