Drew Marc and Trudi

July 15, 2016 | Download the Show (Updated Audio)



  • Drew, Marc and Trudi Host
  • Trudi suggests we all take up Uber side jobs and report on the encounters.
  • After seeing Obama in Muslim garb, she suggests Marc don Scottish attire at the next wedding he goes to.
  • Mick Jagger, 72
  • With the “serial shooter” story growing in Phoenix, let’s get a call into Amanda Goodman of KPHO.
  • Phoenix news stories out of KPHO?  Can’t resist the Jonathan Lowe story.
  • U of M doesn’t want the female athletes from decades ago to feel crush, so why not get them letter jackets?
  • Back to the Charles Pugh arraignment.
  •  SIST’s (Serious Issue… Shallow Thought) from the Nice, France truck massacre lands us on “Maximum Overdrive”.
  • Drew knew Pat from Maximum Overdrive in the bathroom scene.  How’s Pat Miller doing these days?
  • “Not Necessarily The News” and “Sniglets”.
  • University of North Texas has a new coffee mug out.
  • The Trump and Pence logo looks rather provocative.
  • Hillary Clinton the wannabe comedian lays another egg with Pokemon Go.
  • How smart is adding “running from the police” to your bucket list?
  • Marc is feeling awkward in his own neighborhood thanks to Char and a neighbor’s pool.
  • Playboy Playmate fat-shames a nude woman at the gym.
  • The late philanthropist Marjorie S. Fisher gives $5,000 to each Detroit Symphony Orchestra member.
  • The bowling trio of Nick Cooper, John Tovar and Matt Coleman nearly score a perfect 900 at Century Bowl in Waterford.  Thanks to Scott for the contact info!
  • Let’s get a call into former intern Vinny and get the latest on the “Vinny Issues”.
  • A review of the “30 For 30” on Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry.  This yields “Gooden Logic” and Darryl perhaps thinking “Black Wives Don’t Matter”?