Drew and Marc

July 11, 2016 | Download the Show

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  • Drew and Marc Host
  • Maarrrccc vs. Maahhhccc.  Let’s cover the Mark Fidrych documentary.
  • Following an impressive Derek Dating Diamond, Derek Jeter ties the knot with Hannah Davis, but has a less than stellar bachelor party.
  • The 2016 MLB All Star activities are underway.  Who better to call for an update than Al and Jim?
  • Draymond Green arrested for smacking a fan.
  • A man is sentenced in the Berrien County courthouse and manages two shoot and kill two bailiffs before being taken out.
  • Woman in Baton Rouge peacefully protesting will certainly lead to a viral picture being misconstrued.
  • Mitch Albom and the water ice.
  • Uh oh… Marc grounds Charlotte only to have it backfire.
  • Drew visits mom and among the many things watched included Snoop Dogg on Family Feud.
  • Let’s get a call into 94 year old George Lundy, baseball extraordinaire.
  • Clearly the Detroit Free Press is listening to the Drew And Mike Podcast because they’ve stepped up the countdown of top 100 Motown hits.
  • Gender gap statistics in who’d vote for Hillary vs. Trump.
  • Some continued ups and downs of Drew’s property.
  • Rudy Giuliani has an opinion of Black Lives Matter.
  • SIST (Serious Issue… Shallow Thought):  Does the Dallas police chief look like Seal?
  • Speculating on what Dallas sniper’s “RB” initials scrawled in blood meant.

One thought on “Drew and Marc


    I am willing to fucking pay $5.00 per month BIIIIIITch. Can I send my one year payment? (Address . Ummm , box.) Trudy, Marcccccccc,’Missing Mike’! Ya. How about Brandonnnnn?

    Your fans knows you are working hard and are willing to back ya bitccccch!

    Bob K.


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