Miss. USA Recap

May 17, 2010 | Download the Show

  • Post Miss USA recap
  • Deaf Rapper
  • Fat Chick trying to be 1K LBS
  • Diane Downs


Here is Miss. Oklahoma, the girl the guys thought would win the Miss. USA contest. 

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Recap of Drew’s First Pitch

April 30, 2010 | Download the Show

  • Trudy News
  • Text Ban Goes into effect at midnight
  • Commercial break, back at 22:33
  • Sportstumblr_l39d56P2Sn1qbgivno3_1280
  • Tiger Woods and his 120 other chicks
  • Brand and Angelina’s kids have Downs?
  • Larry Sinclair and Barack Obama
  • Ryan Seacrest’s Strange Behavior
  • Recap of Drew’s First Pitch by Eric
  • Micky Redmond Call
  • Pep Rally for new texting ban law
  • Trudy News
  • Tiger Woods wife at Strip Club
  • Michael Jackson
  • Todd Bridges on Oprah
  • Gay Softball World Series Replay
  • Canada wants to help pay for new bridge
  • Listener Emails
  • Sober House Recap
  • Trudy News
  • John Edwards Baby Momma
  • Cat calls in to date Eric
  • Trudy News
  • Sports

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