In Memory of Richard Clark

Mike reads letter’s his Dad wrote to the editors of local newspapers.

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4 thoughts on “In Memory of Richard Clark

  1. Am I to assume that Mr. Dick Clark has joined with Mr. Mike Clark by the caption? What a bittersweet event. Love listening to the memories of letters written by Dick and read by Mike. My thoughts are with Mike’s sister and prayers for her well being. I miss Mike all the time and I live very near the airport where he flew out of often. Always makes me think of Mike. Heaven just got really didn’t it?


  2. I miss Mike all the time. That LAUGH of his that made us ALL laugh even More!!! Sending prayers for ALL. ūüôŹūüôŹūüôŹ


  3. Dick was such a great guy. Never met him, but he was a FB friend and was amazing on Facebook. We were not relatives, but he was more active than almost anyone liking Facebook pictures of my daughter. Mike has made me laugh for so many years, I was a listener since the early WRIF days. The world less funny for sure without Plane Man. Rest in Peace…


  4. Hi–found a tape of Drew and Mike from ’95 and ’96–how to upload or email you the files so others can enjoy? The link is not working for me.


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