The Drew and Mike Show

Download the Show | July 21, 2016


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Even with the storms brewing outside, Mr. Clark makes it here despite a month long vacation and a sick day already in the short life span of the show.  What a trooper!
  • Mike’s “issues” pale in comparison to Macaulay Caulkin’s “issues”.
  • Did Bill Maher pay up on the $5 million bet against Donald Trump over the orangutan?
  • Do you think Ted Cruz sank his political career over his non-endorsement speech?  Booed offstage and his wife getting whisked away by the police.
  • Marco Rubio spoke as well.  Was it worth it?
  • Mr. Charlie LeDuff (@Charlieleduff) from Fox 2 Detroit checks in and fills us in on the RNC police presence, the dolt that set himself on fire and punched a cop, parties and hot women, and loopholes?
  • Remember Trump on Oprah years ago saying he’d probably not run for president?  Remember H. Ross Perot?
  • Another police shooting, this time in Miami of a therapist lying on the ground with hands up while tending to his autistic patient.
  • Yesterday would’ve been the 14th birthday of Aiyana Jones who was shot by Detroit Police who were searching for the murderer that her father was harboring in the home.
  • rally downtown for ex-felons having a hard time finding work.  Turns out the leader of the rally is an ex-felon himself that lied on a job application about being an ex-felon and lost his job.
  • Trying to reach a co-founder of a self-engagement movement for women.  Will have to track her down.
  • How about a call to Dr. Harlan Vanover, the 94-year old that has a 6th degree black belt in Karate, and apparently not sure where his “deef” wife is.
  • How long does Nick Nolte have left to live?
  • Joe Piscopo has been on Fox News lately touting Trump.  He’s doing an AM radio gig in New York, AM970 The Answer.
  • Is Neil Cavuto from Fox News dead?
  • Recapping the new Ghostbusters movie hatred, Leslie Jones bailing on Twitter, and Milo Yiannopoulos.
  • Are there too many movie / TV show reboots / remakes these days?
  • Revisiting the Jenny McCarthy vs. Tara Reid battle.  Remember Tara’s tit dropping out on the red carpet at P. Diddy’s 35th birthday party event?
  • Reminiscing on Greater Media and WRIF since their sale to Beasley Media Group.  Mr. Tom Bender celebrated his retirement after 30 years.
  • NBA moves its All-Star game out of North Carolina over the LGBT bathroom law.
  • There would never be a problem with transgenders abusing the option to use the bathroom would there?  Certainly not at the Target store in Idaho.
  • Allegedly the Baton Rouge shooter Gavin “Cosmo” Long sent his manifesto to an Ohio rapper Yarima Karama.

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