Drew and Mike #015 – Online

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  • Drew and Marc Host
  • 2:35:26 Hours13256501_1132278423485717_8285678534718024739_n.jpg
  • Last Fox 2 broadcast with Jason Carr and Lee Thomas.
  • Jason Carr already has a gig with Channel 4.
  • Did you catch Demi Lovato’s outfit at the Billboard Awards?
  • Maroon 5 is the latest band to skip North Carolina on the concert circuit over LGBT law.
  • Celine Dion crying her eyes out with her son.
  • Michael Strahan at the Billboard Awards now, too?
  • Nothing Compares To Madonna’s horrid Prince tribute.  Deal with it!
  • Other atrocities at the Billboard Awards to include Justin Bieber and a YouTube channel “star”.
  • Well we know what you won’t be doing on June 3rd, 2016… catching MattyBRaps at the Royal Oak Music Theater.Demi-Lovato-Billboard-Awards-2016.jpeg
  • Donald Trump has a new anti-Clinton ad via Instagram.
  • Saturday Night Live crushing it with Weekend Update.
  • Put your nickels together and you could own Dave Brandon’s “Ever After”.
  • How hard is it to go see “Captain America: Civil War”?  Just ask Drew.
  • Some pretty good documentaries out there these days.
  • Let’s get a call in to Yolanda, a.k.a. the “Female Delbert Harris”.
  • Great Detroit Free Press story by Dave Birkett about Erik Kramer.
  • How hot ex-wife Marshawn is becomes anyone’s guess.
  • Guess what is in the van of Jeffrey Willis?
  • Is Stephen Grant getting fatter in jail?
  • Viacom to do battle in court with Sumner Redstone.  Is Slash the Avatar Penis instead of Robert “Bob” Evans as per Marc’s earlier theory?
  • “Letters To The Editor” on the TSA difficulties.
  • The Motown Song Countdown continues… at its agonizing 4 songs per week pace.
  • Thanks again for the logo submission ideas, please keep them coming to Mail@DrewAndMikePodcast.Com and please remember to help our iTunes ratings by listening via iTunes if you’re able to.

3 thoughts on “Drew and Mike #015 – Online

  1. When you get the drops up. Please play some Ray and Pete. And dont forget to play the L.T. drop. I miss the “Whaaaaat happened” drop. Im glad that I am able to still hear you guys. This podcast is kick ass! Keep it stiff, guys.


  2. Something is wrong with your RSS feed, I tried downloading 4 different ways through my podcast app, through iTunes and twice directly from your site. I thought it was my internet connection but I downloaded another podcast in 40 seconds.


    • I just tried on Drew and Mike’s official page and via iTunes and both worked fine for me. You can download it via the download link above.


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