Who is Jim Teriyaki? I remember them playing the clips once on WRIF years ago, and talking about the real guy. Was he a local reporter?

Jim Teriyaki – aka M.L. Curly aka Jim Thompson. A former Detroit News employee who was revealed to be a prolific pedophile. It was reported that he would use his Dodge Viper to attract young males, among other methods. He would sometimes pay the teens obscene amounts of money to beat him sexually and then threaten to slit their throats if they did not cooperate. 

He was branded Jim Teriyaki by the show because he apparently after paying teens to beat him sexually, he would take them out for chinese food.

Here is an old story on him I found in Google News archive


Drew and Mike Podcast

May 11, 2016 – Podcast #007 Download (Host: Drew, Trudi, Marc)

  • Back at it with Drew and Trudi and Marc!
  • Show notes by official Drew and Mike Podcast
  • 1:57:25 Show
  • First show with Trudi! Thank you to Greater Media, WCSX and 105.1 Detroit Sports!
  • Trudi lays down some “Drews Rules”
  • Marc points out the shovel that is still on Drew’s porch in MAY!
  • Let’s hear the Sumner Redstone (head at CBS) recordings… you’ve been warned.
  • Marc thinks “Bob” is Sumner’s Avatar.
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  • Grosse Ile lacrosse slays an animal before a game and has their season cancelled.
  • You, too can rent out Jeffrey Dahmer’s house.
  • Hunter Osborn adds a “little something” to the football team picture in the high school yearbook.
  • Transgender bathroom discussion takes us to some of the goings-on at the Greater Media stalls.
  • Gene Simmons makes a comment about Prince’s death and apparently Prince rode his bike to Walgreens.
  • Mateen Cleaves and the sexual assault allegations along with a cop filing a lawsuit saying he was pressured to find Mateen guilty.
  • Obama has no apologies for Hiroshima.
  • “T3 Forever!”
  • Who doesn’t want to toss a salad on Fox 2 News?
  • Ozzy’s mistress hairstylist became a “hairstylist to the stars” over what?
  • How is prison treating Subway Jared, Jerry Sandusky, Bob Bashara and Stephen Grant?
  • While click-bait Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe is losing weight, Drew has a “Gabby” story of his own.
  • A charitable rack revisit before wrapping things up.