Drew and Mike #016

May 24, 2016 | Download the Podcast Directly | Download from iTunes

  • Drew and Mike Host
  • 2:10:25 Hours Long
  • Recap by the official Podcast Staff
  • Bring back the megaphone!
  • Let’s hear what keeps Mike busy these days.  As per Marc’s suggestion, Mike needs to carry around a diary.
  • Bill Cosby makes his way into court, but has a little trouble at the metal detector.
  • A terrific call to Mr. Rob Wolchek from Fox 2 Detroit with thelatest on Michael Skupin from “Survivor”.
  • Rob-Wolchek.jpgMichael-Skupin-01.jpgIn other Ponzi scheme news, reflections of Bernie Madoff.
  • So Drew appears to have stumbled across a rather informative erection video.
  • Why not segue from that story to Jo Jo Fletcher from the Bachelor?
  • Ann Arbor’s own Laith Al-Saadi nails “White Room” on “The Voice”!
  • Let’s get a call in to a Trump business.
  • That went well, so let’s make some more Trump calls while mixing in some other odd and end news stories.
  • A home for sale in the Little Caesar’s Arena zone along with a couple of Drew’s real estate woes.
  • Police officer Edward Nero is acquitted in the Freddie Gray case in Maryland.
  • Is Jonah Falcon “too damn big”?
  • On the way out, a remarkable guest appearance!
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