Drew and Mike Podcast is LIVE!

May 4, 2016 – Podcast #001 Download (Host: Drew and Mike)

  • Show notes by Jeff
  • 1:98:04 Hour Show
  • Drew and Mike are back
  • Opening Theme – Momma Miss America by Paul McCartney
  • Mike’s only committed to two days a week
  • Drew will do five shows a week
  • Mike Swears
  • Why do a podcast?
  • Mike’s Dad never use porn?
  • TMZ Story – Sinead O’Connor, Arsenio Hall, and Prince
  • Carmen Electra and Prince


  • Wolf Blitzer is a moron
  • Balloon Boy
  • Arsenio Hall
  • Prince in and out of the hospital a billion times
  • One Hour Break
  • Justin Verlander and Kate Upon engaged
  • Drew likes fat chicks
  • Jim Harbaugh’s wife is hot
  • Transgender Bathroom Nonsense
  • Bruce Springsteen boycotting North Carolina
  • Target opens their bathroom to everyone
  • Jay the engineer working with Drew and Mike
  • Police watching woman breastfeeding via iPhone – Detroit Free Press Story
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Mike Clark emails Kid Rock
  • Cheap Trick at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Ted Nugent and others black-listed from the Hall
  • The song All By Myself Sucks
  • Mike loves his Facebook friend
  • Drew falls asleep in his muffin
  • Gov. Snyder drinking Flint Water
  • The Mayor of Flint bares some responsibility in this Flint mess
  • Charlie LeDuff will be hosting with Drew on Friday
  • Detroit and demolition debacle – LeDuff is all over it
  • That’s a wrap!

Listen to the first 16 minutes of the new Drew and Mike podcast! Download the full episode here

EDIT: It looks like the official Drew and Mike Podcast website is being hit hard. If you keep trying, it will eventually work! Just be patient! If you can’t, you can get the first podcast in our archives:

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