Dan Lacey Interview

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Drew and Mike Podcast, Episode 11

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  • First 2+ hour show: 02:30:44
  • Show recap written by Jeff
  • Drew and Mike Host
  • Drew working part time radio and selling paper products.
  • Donald Trump
  • John Smyntek phone call! Smyntek Synonyms for Drew and Mike:
    • Fecal Funsters (Fecal Boys)
    • Dukes of the Duodenum
    • Masters of Methane
    • Pharaohs of Fart
    • Rajis of Raunch
    • Sultans of Sexology
    • Lords of the Lewd
    • Kings of Kink
    • Bosses of Babble
    • Deans of Dirty
    • Mirrors of Mirth (I didn’t catch the first word, it can’t be Mirrors, can it?)
    • Supervisors of Swan
    • Princes of Poop
    • Judges of Jocularity
    • Viceroys of Vulgarity
    • Virtuosos of Vice
    • Honchos of Hilarity
  • Drew reads the Justin Verlander and Emily Yuen story written by Jeff Moss on the DetroitSportsRag.net
  • Dave Rexroth Firework accident.
  • Clinton has a new anti-Trump commercial
  • Rich Cohen’s book “The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones”.
  • Mateen Cleaves case?
  • An upskirting story complete with a slap.
  • Mike’s vacation (all 30 days of it!) are coming up.  Where will he be going?
  • Drew had problems with bedbugs
  • Tiger Woods not playing well.
  • That’s a wrap!