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Drew and Mike Podcast #003

May 6, 2016 – Podcast #003 Download (Host: Drew and Mike)

  • Show notes by Jeff
  • 2:12:02 Hours
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  • Kentucky Derby
  • Jim Nabors Singing at the Indy 500
  • Mike’s 3D Printing Story
  • Prince News
  • Justin Verlander and Kate Upton
  • Jenn Sterger interview with George Stephanopoulos
  • Donald Trump Vs. Hillary


  • Trump vs. Megan Kelly
  • Leah Remini’s book on Scientology
  • Break – Music: Candy Iggy Pop
  • How Donald Trump wins in November
  • Charlie LeDuff golfing at the border
  • Obnoxious Promposals

Drew and Mike talk about thin-skinned Rob Schneider. How Rob flipped out when Drew and Mike talked to his mom in 2010. The guys tell exactly how it all went down, and listen to the audio that sparked the original phone call, when Rob gets into an argument with a radio station in Florida. 

Drew mentions the story in the 2nd episode of the Drew and Mike podcast. This clip is from the January 19, 2012 Drew and Mike show on WRIF.