Drew and Marc Live!

Download the Show | July 19, 2016



  • Marc (@MarcFell) made it here today… by way of bike!
  • Recapping “The Bachelorette” and the family drama with Jordan Rodgers.  Did Olivia Munn cause a rift in the Rodgers family after hooking up with Aaron?
  • Pippa “The Ass” Middleton is engaged.
  • Johnny Football Manziel… can he make a comeback?
  • Did you catch Ndamukong Suh on “The Ballers” and “Suh Casa”?
  • Do you think Melania Trump plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech from 8 years ago?  Not only copying a speech, she copied Caitlyn Jenner’s look at the 2015 ESPY’s.
  • What did you think of Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato, Jr.‘s speeches?
  • USA Today’s Frank Graham article about too many Muslims believing in violence.
  • Lt. Brian Rice found not guilty in the Freddie Gray case.
  • The ongoing drama of Kayne West and Taylor Swift.  Which team are you on?  And you can’t just vote Team Swift because of hernew rack.
  • Melania Trump would be the 1st First Lady to be the 3rd wife of a president, the 1st First Lady to have posed nude.  Apparently she isn’t being fully truthful about speaking 5 languages or earning her degree.
  • What’s going on at NBC?  Chelsea Clinton with her gig and Luke Russert on his way out.
  • Do you like porn?  Sadly you can’t enjoy it at McDonald’s or Starbucks.
  • Speaking of porn, how about Mia Khalifa (“Toaster Dick”) and Sydney Leathers?
  • This just in!  The Beasley Media Group is buying Greater Mediafor $240 million.
  • Drew shares some backstories from WRIF and other radio gigs.
  • Bill Cosby is “officially blind“?  How convenient.
  • What’s holding up the Gordie Howe bridge?  Couldn’t be Matty Maroun.
  • Former Cardinals scouting director Chris Correa sentenced to 46 months for hacking the Astros.
  • Wanna go check out a Liz Taylor “documentary” of her crap?
  • Can you Imagine the upcoming Olympics unifying the world for 17 days given all the recent chaos?

3 thoughts on “Drew and Marc Live!

  1. Hello, so great to have you back creating after 105.1 event. I live in CA and you’re podcast is my one connection back to the D and MI. Plus podcasts give me the flexibility to listen when I’m driving or working out. One thing about We are The Champions and Trump…my understanding of that song does fit with what Trump is doing. It’s really a historical reference (hundreds of years ago??) when one “community” would fight another community…instead of all fighting, each community would enter their toughest fighter and the winner was the champion. BUT, in the song, ‘we are the champions’ represents everyone living in the community…they are the champions…so I guess Trump is that fighter and he’s winning for us.


  2. I moved to Florida in 2008 and have listened to Drew and Mike until their end at WRIF and then Drew and Marc on 105.1 and LOVE the podcast!!! And I get really bummed like today 7/21/2016 when I come into work and there’s not a new podcast to download! “Cut it out Drew” LOL! Keep them coming!


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