Drew and Marc Hosting!

Download the Show | July 20, 2016

  • Drew  and Marc Host
  • How do we manage to keep this show going?  Joey had to hop out for an important call, and Marc lost track of time.
  • The Trump kids have a group hug at the convention… minus Tiffany.  But she makes quite the speech.  Plus she has her dad’s mouth.
  • Ivanka speaks with ABC.  Donald pisses off Queen by using “We Are The Champions” and declares they will “win so big“.
  • Leslie Jones from the new Ghostbusters movie took too much racial and misogynistic banter on Twitter, she shut it down.  Dan Aykroyd has her back.
  • Twitter very slowly seems to be trying to get a handle on Twitter bashers by barring Milo Yiannopoulos.
  • Turns out Meredith McIver is acknowledging similarities in the Melania Trump speech and Michelle Obama’s speech.
  • Letters to the editor!
  • Mike Pence to speak tonight.  Chris “The Big Fat Attack Dog” Christie came out swinging at Hillary in his speech last night.  Dana White spoke as well.
  • Was there some degree of cover up in the Bataclan massacre in France?
  • Study of confiscated ISIS computers yield 80% of porn.  Nice religion.
  • Recapping the Vince Neil, Nicholas Cage and some chick brawl.
  • Dani Mathers (Playboy Playmate that fat-shamed the nude lady at the gym via Snapchat) has been suspended from her job, one of Marc’s favorite shows… The Heidi & Frank Show.
  • We stumble into “The Brian & Jill Show” podcast – Jill Whelan (“Vicky” from “The Love Boat”).
  • Is it time for us to add a donate button to the site?
  • Have you reviewed us on iTunes?  Everyone seems to dig the show except for one twat.
  • It would seem the ban on porn via free wifi at Starbucks and McDonald’s is to keep out child porn.
  • Thailand’s Prime Minister doesn’t want you to use your cock in Bangkok.
  • A newlywed couple books a cruise for their honeymoon.  Their cabin had quite the view.
  • Marc tells us about dinner with the captain and Julie on their last cruise.
  • Speaking of cruises, let’s hear about the booting of Deckhand Danny on “Below Deck”.  BranDON posts a sorrowful post on Danny’s Facebook page.
  • Millennials are going braless!  Let’s get some informative details from a pair… of them.
  • Jon Gosselin is cooking at a TGI Fridays these days, and part time DJ.
  • Closing it with other reality TV talk to include Jenna Lewis and her elusive sex tape.

4 thoughts on “Drew and Marc Hosting!

  1. Long, Long time listener, just tried the podcast (58 older guy so it took me a while) and was pleasantly surprised how easy to get it and better yet LOVE THE SHOW(s). I have been going through with drawls since you left WRIF and got a little up lift from 105 and I like talk radio, but I can’t find anything good to listen too. Valenti is an ass along with his partner.

    This podcast is the best thing that happened to me. I now find I don’t have to worry I missed the show, I can pause or save it.

    I am involved in the Heating and Cooling business/application engineer / supplier and heard you guys are not comfortable. I would like to offer my services and possible solution for your basement Cooling Problem. I would like to help out anyway possible to keep you guys talking. I love the F word and all the other common every day words not allowed on the radio, this is even better then the old radio days. I keep spreading the word about the podcast and try to get others to listen to help your numbers. What else can I do?

    Please contact me if you need to get that new studio cool, I will make sure your taken care of. You guys – all of you involved on the podcast are the best!


  2. ** Fundraising idea ****
    If you have rights to your old Drew and Mike charity recordings you should reprint them all and autograph the inside cover. I know many loyal listeners would fork over the dough to own them. Drew and Mike are a huge part of Detroit history. You would sell out completely. I’d willingly fork over $50 per autographed copy. Something to seriously consider.


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