May 9, 2003

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  • Show Open
  • Ted Nugent Jap Controversy
  • Sarah Kozer on the show
  • Carnie Wilson gaining weight
  • Wolter’s Loves the show Friends
  • Ted Nugent Jap Controversy
  • Trudi News/Sports
  • Mike Price SI Story
  • National Inquirer on Scott Peterson
  • Sarah Kozer Interview
  • Trudi News
  • Palace Vision Director Interview
  • Is American Idol being fixed?
  • PMS Myth Interview
  • Listener Emails and calls

Does Lucy Noland have a new dress?

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  • Show Open6dd0d0f1fd122b96504d59aede48a04f.jpg
  • BFF Auction Preview
  • Josh Gracin Vote Off AI
  • Lucy Nolan wearing fishnets?
  • Drew thinks Lucy is wearing a new dress
  • Email about Wesley Willis
  • Wesley Willis Song
  • Mother’s Day Coming Up
  • Sports Illustrated Story On Alabama Coach Price
  • Bestfriend Auction Interview
  • Trudi News
  • Jessica Lynch Story Holes?
  • Sports
  • Fake Aretha Franklin Phone Call
  • Drew and Mike voted Best Morning Radio Show in Detroit
  • Mike Price Alabama SI Story
  • Interview with Joseph Gottschalk, Crazy Thong Man
  • Trudi News
  • Tina Fabulous voted off the Bachelor
  • Avril Lavigne and Metallica’s Lars
  • Bestfriend Auction Interview Replay
  • Trudi News
  • Jenny Jones Reality TV Hotties
  • Sports
  • Eric Williams PSA
  • Pam Ward and Jenny Jones – Audio Seperated at Birth
  • Aretha Franklin Yard News
  • Fake Aretha Franklin Phone Call
  • Simpsons Al Jean Interview
  • Trudi News/Sports