September 11, 2001 – Full Show


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This is the full 8-hour show.

Thanks to Mr. Marc Fellhauer for digging through his DAT files for this gem! And thanks to Dan Derusha for sending it our way! Hopefully, more to come!


National Geographic Special on 9/11

Drew and Mike review Inside 9/11 is a three-part television documentary film produced by Towers Productions that premiered on August 21 and August 22, 2005, on the National Geographic Channel. The program covers the September 11, 2001 attack, the events that led to it, and its aftermath. The first part consisted of examining, event by event, the build-up towards September 11. The second part consisted of the events of 9/11 itself and the aftermath. Experts and eyewitnesses provide their accounts of the attacks, and the events are covered in chronological order.


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September 11, 2001 from Drew and Mike

Download the File | 2:03:01 hours long

  • Drew and Mike come back from commercial break to bring news of the attack on the World Trade Center. We join the show at 9:00am – 14 minutes after the first tower was hit.
  • Flight 77 crashes into Pentagon at 9:37am
  • The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses at 9:59am
  • The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses at 10:28am
  • Drew believes it’s Osama Bin Laden
  • Manhattan Streets in ash – 10:51am
  • Metro Airtport closed
  • WDIV lets WRIF broadcast their audio live
  • Ron Insana on NBC covered in dust
  • Al Fellhauer calls in to report news – 11:44am
  • Pentagon on fire
  • Drew see’s hot black chick in the madness
  • Jeff Greenfield’s interview’s his buddy Tom Clancy

Drew and Mike – 5th Anniversary of 9/11

Recorded on September 11, 2006 | Download the Show

  • Show Open
  • 5 year anniversary of 9/11
  • Drew and Mike are both late
  • Drew Late – Drew calls in from leaving his house
  • Mike Late – Mike calls in from the parking lot
  • Mr. Stress Traffic
  • Trudi News
  • – 9/11 memorials
  • – Detroit 9/11 memorials
  • – 9/11 Commission Grades
  • – Back to school in Detroit after strike?
  • Sports – Tigers and Lions on fire
  • 9/11 documentaries
  • Richard Clark v. Condie Rice
  • John O’Neil loses briefcase and then quits FBI
  • ABC Docudrama ‘Path to 911’
  • Tom ‘the Killer’ Kowalski interview
  • Daniel Wayne Smith, Anna Nicole Smith’s son dies
  • Trudi News/Sports
  • “Go Get’em Tigers” Song with Ernie Harwell
  • James Woods Interview re; 9/11 trial run
  • 9/11 Memorial Service Live from Ground Zero
  • Drew and Mike watch United 93
  • Mr. Stress Traffic
  • Muhammad Somali Looney Tune
  • Trudi News
  • Lindsay Lohan with Blink 182 guy
  • ABC Docudrama ‘Path to 911’
  • ABC Docudrama ‘Path to 911’ – John O’Neil dressed down by Ambassador
  • Michigan Game Delayed
  • Richard Clark apologizes to 9/11 families
  • NORAD left in the dark on 9/11
  • ABC Docudrama ‘Path to 911’
  • 9/11/01 Replay of Drew and Mike with Commentary