The Detroit Cast #017

  • -The story of The Detroit Cast #16
  • -While we wish nothing more than the Miley Cyrus publicity bomb to GO AWAY, she did at least dump out some semi-nude pics with Fairy Richardson.  Here is a compressed set of the goods.
  • -Wolters and his Big Black Mama porn story
  • -Look out! Sinead “Shinehead” O’Connor has ugly words for the attention whore Miley Cyrus!
  • -An opinion on the Michael Jackson AEG Live lawsuit outcome
  • -The good ol’ Jack Nicholson days
  • -Kwame Kilpatrick: Will the federal shutdown impact his federal sentencing date?
  • -Mitch “The Bitch” Albom and his neverending annoyances
  • -What do you make of the White House shooting incident?
  • -Yikes! A local creepy optometrist story!
  • -The phone button letters for the ObamaCareless hotline spell out (800) Fuck-You?
  • -Years ago we tried to… pick our rap contest winner!
  • -A sports recap and discussion of the new Gravity movie closes out this episode!

The Detroit Cast #017