Drew and Marc

July 6, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) and BranDON (@Pro_Duecer) today!
  • That’s right, you’re listening to the 41st ranked comedy podcast on iTunes.  How about helping us boost those ratings by checking us out on iTunes?
  • Baseball talk to include upcoming Mark Fidrych documentary and the Cubs infield making the All Star team.
  • Count ’em… 1, 2, 3 crazy car stories today.
  • Charlotte has no interest in coming to the podcast.
  • Drew considers doggie daycare for Maggs and Layla.   BranDON tells us how spoiled Bill is.
  • Kwame Kilpatrick is upset and takes to Daniel Ferguson III’s Facebook to rant.  We try to call some of the commenters to include a Ms. Spankfire.
  • The ongoing Free Press Best Motown 100 Songs countdown continues… 4 songs at a time.  Numbers 25 through 22.
  • Celebrities who sound like Butthead.
  • Celebrity boxing has a forthcoming bout between Michael Lohan and Jose Canseco.
  • Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Salahi.
  • Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to 6 years.
  • What’s the easiest way to ruin Marc’s fascination with reporter Hallie Jackson?
  • Alton Sterling is shot dead by police officers in Baton Rouge for selling single cigarettes and CD’s and having a gun on him.
  • Highland Park Human Rights Officer Ramzu Yunus is arrested.
  • Edsel Ford, II is arrested for domestic violence against his wife Cynthia, who isn’t pressing charges.
  • Time for another round of “Who Farted?”

Drew and Mike Podcast – #036

  • Drew, Trudi and Matt Host
  • Matt reflects upon his Super Bowl excursions.
  • Matt & Drew and strip club memories.
  • How close have you come to missing a flight?
  • Fireworks in Detroit tonight.
  • Matt’s take on the Guns N’ Roses show in Detroit.
  • Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren look like they are becoming twins.
  • Drew found the lead up stories to Brexit… BORING!
  • Trudi takes us back to Jeb Bush in need of applause.
  • Kelly McGillis calls 911 over her home invasion and looks like hell these days.
  • Meg Ryan looked rather weathered at the Tonys.
  • Did Oscar Pistorius walking on his stumps in court make him appear more incapable of murder?
  • Remember Olivia Newton-John and the “disappearing” Patrick McDermott story?
  • Ariel Winter celebrates 2 million Instagram viewers with what else?  An Instagram picture.
  • Tresa Baldas from the Detroit Free Press fills us in on Charles Pugh.
  • Detroit Lions cheerleader tryouts (and wisecracks) are underway.
  • The ongoing Detroit Free Press countdown of Motown hits.  4 at a time and we’re only up to #26 – Alice Cooper with “School’s Out”.
  • Trudi and the Martha Reeves encounter.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court rejects Kwame Kilpatrick’s appeal for a new trial.
  • Are you part of the universal rejection of the new “Ghostbusters” trailer?
  • Ticketmaster loses a class-action lawsuit and as part of the settlement is issuing shit “free tickets”.
  • Outrage at Justin Timberlake tweet