The Detroit Cast #018

  • -Here with are with The Detroit Cast Number 18! One step beyond The Drew Cast count.  We of course can’t thank you enough for sticking with us and helping to spread the word so the show can keep getting better and better!
  • -Have you ever had to deal with unemployment and MARVIN?
  • -How ’bout them TIGERS!!!  Game 4 was awesome!
  • -Bonnie’s condition has been steadily better – Thank you again for all the well wishes via email!
  • -WTF?  Some douche is abandoning dogs behind the PetSmart in Troy?
  • -Tomorrow Kwame Kilpatrick gets sentenced and then Bobby Ferguson on Thursday! YES! Why is it taking so long?
  • -ML Elrick took some time for a call-in about the Kilpatrick/Ferguson case. Why haven’t you ordered a copy of The Kwame Sutra?
  • -It’s bound to happen… even the best of friends get into arguments. Sadly Clark and Wolters were caught on open mics having a bit of a disagreement.
  • -Please keep the email coming at TheDetroitCast@GMail.Com
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  • -Thanks for listening and we’ll be back on Friday!  Go Tigers!!!

The Detroit Cast #018


The Detroit Cast #017

  • -The story of The Detroit Cast #16
  • -While we wish nothing more than the Miley Cyrus publicity bomb to GO AWAY, she did at least dump out some semi-nude pics with Fairy Richardson.  Here is a compressed set of the goods.
  • -Wolters and his Big Black Mama porn story
  • -Look out! Sinead “Shinehead” O’Connor has ugly words for the attention whore Miley Cyrus!
  • -An opinion on the Michael Jackson AEG Live lawsuit outcome
  • -The good ol’ Jack Nicholson days
  • -Kwame Kilpatrick: Will the federal shutdown impact his federal sentencing date?
  • -Mitch “The Bitch” Albom and his neverending annoyances
  • -What do you make of the White House shooting incident?
  • -Yikes! A local creepy optometrist story!
  • -The phone button letters for the ObamaCareless hotline spell out (800) Fuck-You?
  • -Years ago we tried to… pick our rap contest winner!
  • -A sports recap and discussion of the new Gravity movie closes out this episode!

The Detroit Cast #017

Mike and Mike Podcast – #014 – Download Now!

It’s Friday!!!  Bonnie is still recovering and had quite the round of appointments on Wednesday.  While we regret not getting the show to you Wednesday, we appreciate all of your kind words and well wishes for her… FAKE!

  • -So what astrological sign are you on the cusp of?
  • -Did you hear that Oprah had a nervous breakdown, or did you hear that nobody cares?
  • -Miley Cyrus? Twerking? Yawn.  Just ask Cher
  • -Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf had her web cam hacked
  • -Like husband, like wife… Carlita Kilpatrick busted stashing money in her desk
  • -Got a spare $13.45 million laying around? Why not buy Kid Rock’s Malibu Home?
  • -Hey! Hey! HEY! The webstore is up! Please help support the show! TheDetroitCastStore.Com
  • -Listener email! We can’t get enough of it! From your shit stories, report of Holy Water basins containing feces, listeners from all over and from all professions! Keep ‘em coming… TheDetroitCast@GMail.Com
  • -And of course more Dick Talk with Richard Gale Clark‘s letters from fans and Facebook posts
  • -So you think you can rap?  FAIL! Check out Marshall Pope shitting the bed on live TV! Email us your version of the rest of the rap for a shot at a free T-shirt! “Years ago they tried to…”
  • -And lastly, if you’re looking for a kick ass Halloween to-do item, check out the Hush Haunted Attraction (and on Facebook)

Mike and Mike Podcast – #014 – Download Now!