I wanted to give a plug to our friends over at the Detroit Cast! We are getting hundreds and hundreds of new visitors since the Drew and Mike podcast was announced. I wanted to let you know about the Detroit Cast, if you haven’t heard yet! 

Mike Wolters, long time producer of the Drew and Mike show started the Detroit Cast, with none other then Mike Clark! Mike Clark did 60 episodes with Mike Wolters. We have all of those shows archived here:


Mike Wolters moved on with a new host, his buddy Jay along with intern Eric from the Drew and Mike show! They’ve pumped out over 560 shows and record almost five days a week! Give them a listen:



Update from Mike W. Clark

Checking in to thank all for remembering this awful anniversary! We all believed the show would end when we wanted it to end! we were nunber one in ratings when we got the word. i offered yet another huge cut in pay, was willing to work any shift on any of the 3 stations they own and all i got was “we are going in another direction” over and over like a broken record.

But, thank you for your loyalty and your strong desire for us to be together again. it was a strange day for sure.  I know its been a long time since ive been out there again and i appreciate very much your wanting to hear me again. That’s real nice. Just need bit more time. 

All of you guys and gals are awesome! Love and biiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!!!!! to all!

– Mike

Mike Wolters makes it official: Mike W. Clark will no longer be an official member of the Detroit Cast. Mike has an open invitation to come back whenever he wants and may do special podcasts here and there. 

As far as we are concerned here at DrewandMike.org, we will continue following the Detroit Cast and maintain a full audio archive of the podcast. We love Wolters just like everyone else, we’ll support the Detroit Cast as long as he does it.- Jeff

Download the full Detroit Cast #92