Drew’s Loser Friend and Water Bills

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September 11, 2001 from Drew and Mike

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  • Drew and Mike come back from commercial break to bring news of the attack on the World Trade Center. We join the show at 9:00am – 14 minutes after the first tower was hit.
  • Flight 77 crashes into Pentagon at 9:37am
  • The South Tower of the World Trade Center collapses at 9:59am
  • The North Tower of the World Trade Center collapses at 10:28am
  • Drew believes it’s Osama Bin Laden
  • Manhattan Streets in ash – 10:51am
  • Metro Airtport closed
  • WDIV lets WRIF broadcast their audio live
  • Ron Insana on NBC covered in dust
  • Al Fellhauer calls in to report news – 11:44am
  • Pentagon on fire
  • Drew see’s hot black chick in the madness
  • Jeff Greenfield’s interview’s his buddy Tom Clancy

Back in December of 2006 Drew and Mike call Adele, an elderly woman who makes her Mexican employees learn English if they want to work for her. The conversation quickly turns to illegal immigration, the Wall on the US/Mexican border.  She pretty much outlines Donald Trump’s border policy, 10 years before he did. 

Drew and Mike talk about thin-skinned Rob Schneider. How Rob flipped out when Drew and Mike talked to his mom in 2010. The guys tell exactly how it all went down, and listen to the audio that sparked the original phone call, when Rob gets into an argument with a radio station in Florida. 

Drew mentions the story in the 2nd episode of the Drew and Mike podcast. This clip is from the January 19, 2012 Drew and Mike show on WRIF. 

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