August 31, 2016

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  • Drew, Marc and Trudi Host!
  • Circling back on the Charlie Sheen interview to include Tony Todd calling Drew back later on, Tony and Charlie Sheen listening to the show and Charlie having a hell of a swing in baseball.
  • Takes us to Tim Tebow and his hopeful MLB career.
  • If you’re a parent, are you concerned about the size of your newborn baby’s junk?
  • Chris Brown is facing an armed assault charge from Baylee Curran following a police standoff at his home.
  • Revisiting the 30 year anniversary of the “Preppy Killer“.
  • Marc draws comparisons to HBO’s “The Night Of“.
  • Charlotte walks in on Marc in the bathroom.
  • Yet another Flakka-ish double murder… this time in Michigan.
  • Drew was at the Tigers game today so let’s get into some Tigers talk.
  • Responses coming in to the Colin Kaepernick National Anthem debate to include veterans, Jerry Rice and his own mother.
  • Even Jim Harbaugh is getting scrutinized on his opinion of the Colin Kaepernick issue.
  • Do you think things are making a turn for the worse in the country?

Show Break

  • Were Edgar and Johnny Winter albino twins?
  • The hereditary factor of being deaf and left-handed.
  • How did your school reports compare to those of Drew, Marc and Trudi?
  • Norman Shy is forced to sell of assets as part of the DPS scandal.  How does this impact his wife?
  • Would you want Ronald Alexander back as the principal of your school even if he was “stressed”?
  • Yet another protest at a McDonald’s for $15 an hour wages.
  • How would you describe the odor in a gas station bathroom?
  • A woman from the continent of Hawaii takes exception to an item in her Lyft driver’s vehicle.
  • Our interview with Charlie Sheen gets a mention in the Detroit News.
  • North Korea executes a deputy premier in perhaps an overkill manner.
  • Be ready to fight in France if you don’t adhere to the nudist beachprotocol for etiquette.
  • Let’s get a call in to Alcor to get some pricing on cryogenics.
  • How’s Eb from “Green Acres” doing these days?  Or less importantly, how is Jackie Peters doing?

Drew and Marc – Charlie Sheen Interview Episode

Recorded on August 30, 2016 | Download the Show

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  • Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) is here today!
  • Marc offers to send Char over with books and Care Bears if Drew ever needs an alarm clock.
  • Tigers talk and the Maybin injury.
  • On our way to talking with Charlie Sheen, but a quick chat withTony Todd first.
  • Charlie played baseball in high school.  What other celebs played sports in high school?
  • Charlie bought 2,615 seats in the outfield to have exclusive access to any homers, hopefully Cecil’s.
  • Let’s get a follow up call in to the one and only Charlie Sheen!
  • Charlie tells us about experimental HIV medicine and black underwear.
  • Charlie offers an apology to Detroit for the “My Violent Torpedo Of Truth” show which he revamped to better reviews by the time it reached Chicago.
  • Charlie certainly has a repertoire of memorable quotes and shares with us the origins of “Tiger Blood” and “Winning”.
  • Charlie’s interview with Andrea Canning.
  • Charlie offers praise to Dr. Drew and diagnosing his bipolar symptoms.
  • A recent Sheen tweet of “operating machinery on Robitussin”.
  • Charlie has an upcoming movie “Nine Eleven“.
  • Was that really Anna Faris’s butt in “The House Bunny”?
  • We discuss Jon Cryer’s book “So That Happened” and thethreesome item.
  • As we discovered yesterday, Charlie still isn’t a fan of Lenny Dykstra… and didn’t arrange the Mexican beating.
  • Charlie offers his 3 rules of life:  “Park your judgement at the door”, “Nobody dies”, “No pain in the bedroom”.
  • Reminiscing on Charlie’s show in Detroit to include a German TV interview with Drew, Mojo snagging an interview with Charlie and the intern supplied to the show.
  • Calvin Johnson will be on the upcoming “Dancing With The Stars” alongside Lindsay Arnold.
  • Walking down memory lane talking about Marilu Henner on “Drew & Mike” and the demise of music playing and morphing into more of a talk show format.  Things certainly took off from there.
  • The feds are now in on the investigation of DMC’s skanky surgical utensils.
  • Will child protective services investigate Anthony Weiner because of having his kid in one of the sext photos.
  • Drew decides that if ever directs or produces porn, it will be “accordion porn”.
  • An attempt to call one of Weiner’s neighbors takes us to “Gabby” from Drew’s elementary school days and other memories.