Charlie LeDuff vs. Marc Fellhauer

Download the Clip | From the October 21, 2016 Podcast (Part 2)

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Drew and Charlie – September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016 | Download the Show

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  • Drew and Charlie host
  • Hmmm, where’s Charlie at?
  • With the anniversary of September 11th coming this Sunday, does it get enough coverage or is becoming more of a forgotten tragedy?
  • Miracle Mattress certainly isn’t keeping the 9/11 legacy alive as it should be.
  • Permit for the front porch is FINALLY reaching closure!  But that doesn’t stop Charlie from making a grand entrance (and escorted) into the studio.
  • Charlie updates us on the retro dirt story of the Detroit home demolitions.
  • How’s that Flint water crisis coming along?
  • Sure is hard to get a hold of dick… Andy Dick.
  • Drew and Charlie provide their stories from 9/11.
  • The entire Seattle Seahawks team may be protesting the National Anthem?
  • Place your bets on the date of Mr. Clark’s return to the show.  Who’s harder to get a hold off… him or Andy Dick?
  • A woman that sleeps with her husband and kids, still breastfeeds her 3 year old and they live in a yurt.
  • More on the Detroit demolition dirt story and the bridges to Canada.
  • Tom Hanks is playing “Sully” in the upcoming movie, but how doesNorm McDonald do with it?  What’s your guess on how Tom Hanks will pee in this latest movie?
  • A tiny house community is coming to Detroit.
  • Hillary Clinton discusses emotional control from being heckled by male classmates at law school.
  • What happened to Trump’s interview that was supposed to air on Thursday?
  • Revisiting George H.W. Bush at the supermarket.
  • Trump complimenting a woman on her home value in Detroit.
  • Drew recalls Queen Elizabeth II getting an awkward hug fromAlice Frazier.
  • Charlie was a carpenter?
  • Charlie does some splits at a DFD vs. DPD ball game.
  • Are lefties discriminated against in baseball?

Drew, Marc, and Charlie in the House!

Recorded on August 26, 2016 | Download the Show

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  • Drew, Marc and Charlie Host
  • Are Dionne Warwick and Mary Wilson morphing into men?
  • Horace Sheffield is on “Let It Rip” and still pushing for the Pistons to give back to the community.  As if the Pistons aren’t already?
  • Kylie Jenner has gotten bigger boobs?
  • Taylor Swift has gotten bigger boobs?
  • DMC is facing an investigation over… oh wait, fart break.
  • Charlie still has a few choice words for Drew’s property and tearing down a porch before getting a permit for the replacement one.
  • Drew tells us about a water heater replacement in one of the rental properties.
  • Revisiting the Face-Eating Frat Boy story for the latest.
  • This takes us to another Flakka video.
  • Ok, back to the DMC investigation over surgery utensil sterilization.
  • Kudos to ML Elrick and his story of the Supreme Court justice skipping out on work.
  • Why do schools bribe kids to show up for Student Count Day with iPads, backpacks of supplies, etc.?
  • What has Charlie found in Drew’s fridge?
  • Charlie tells us about “Melvin”.
  • Will future generations remember Kwame when he gets out of jail?
  • Is Kym Worthy changing her stance on White Boy Rick?
  • College football season starts up tonight.  Reminiscing on Colt Brennan.
  • How’s Andy Dick doing these days?
  • Keifer Sutherland on Jimmy Kimmel.
  • It’s the one year anniversary of the Virginia news reporter and cameraman being
  • shot live on TV.
  • A movie and a documentary coming out about Christine Chubbuck.A gripping moment from Dustin Hoffman in “Marathon Man“.
  • The life of Jerry Smith.
  • Norma Jean Baker, Princess Diana and the common song between them.
  • It’s not a golf outing unless a golf cart is rolled.  Just ask Drew and Henri Paul Kurtz.
  • Drew finally gets to some mail from 10+ years ago to include a couple of awards.
  • Katie Ledecky turns down $5 million in order to go to Stanford.

Drew, Marc and Charlie Host

Download the Show | August 5, 2016

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  • Drew, Marc and Charlie Host
  • Charlie breaks the story on Jim Wright, Deputy Director from Detroit’s Building Authority resigning abruptly.
  • Ahhh, the good ole days of H. Ross Perot and the giant sucking sound.
  • So a 90 year old man goes and hires a prostitute who allegedly steals a necklace from him and decides to call the cops.
  • Joe Myers survives an unbelievable car accident.
  • We have to live through a horrible “Today Show” promo for the Olympics complete with Matt Lauer, who incidentally got a bit emotional with a Hollywood medium concerning his late father.
  • With Charlie here, of course he has to take more shots at Drew’s place.  He’s been banned from all but two rooms in the house and to using the side entrance.
  • Costs of cable TV are outrageous.  Are you cutting the cable?
  • Reminiscing on Julie Christie and Warren Beatty in “Shampoo” leads Charlie to tell us about height-challenged actors.
  • Charles Pugh is bound over for trial.  Marc takes us through the tweets from court.
  • Orlando Bloom decides to go nude paddleboarding with Katy Perry.
  • Water park in France is having a “burkini-only” event.  Outrage!
  • George Zimmerman gets decked for bragging about the Trayvon Martin incident.
  • Revisiting the Ira Einhorn history.
  • Obama is asked if he could win a gold medal in the Olympics, what event would it be in?  This causes a mild dispute between Marc and Charlie.
  • The final beam is placed in the new Red Wings arena, but at what cost to the taxpayers?
  • Some Tigers talk, but oh wait… Olympics opening ceremonies distract Marc.
  • Oh no!!!  Caitlyn Jenner‘s show got cancelled.
  • Charlie took a trip to Baton Rouge  to get some more detail on theAlton Sterling shooting in a story coming up Tuesday and we hear about some of his fascinating heritage!
  • Chicago police release some body cam footage of the shooting of Paul O’Neal.
  • A goat is on the receiving end of Freddie’s WADsworth.
  • Let’s get a call into the father of the 10 year old boy that declared “Take that bitch down!” referring to Hillary at a Trump rally in Virginia.

Drew, Marc and LeDuff Show

Download the Show | July 28, 2016

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  • Drew, Marc and Charlie host
  • Ongoing rezoning issues in Berkley for Marc, drywall and overall Drew home issues for Charlie, hot mail lady issues for Drew.
  • 6 state employees have been charged criminally as part of the ongoing investigation into Flint’s water crisis.
  • Good ol’ Hillary taking credit for bringing attention to Flint’s water crisis.  What all has she really done?  Why isn’t the issue resolved yet?
  • Scrutinizing the Hillary Clinton DNC speech and Donald Trump RNC speech.  Was Bill asleep during Hillary’s?  He sure liked playing in the balloons.
  • Do both VP candidate wives, Karen Pence and Anne Holton, have a little bit of a weight issue?
  • Reflecting on George W. Bush and Donald Trumpinteracting with reporters with disabilities.
  • Justin Dweeber turns down $5 million to appear at a Republican event during the GOP convention.
  • Bryan of Flushing Township wants to “make the township white again“.
  • If you’re having trouble discerning the Chinese rocket that broke up over the Nevada night skies, worry not.  NBC circles it in the footage for you.
  • Melania Trump’s website has disappeared over her alleged college degree.
  • Tigers talk.
  • Time to get the full story on Marc’s brother Dan charging Marc for cable TV.
  • Don’t try to take the last bagel from Charlie’s sister.  Just sayin’.
  • Sing along with the show with such hits as “If I Had A Hammer” and “There’s A Skeeter On My Peeter“.
  • Jenny “From The Block” Granholm at the 2016 DNC.
  • Mike Duggan (please clap) at the 2016 DNC.
  • Charlie registers for the Hillary App while Marc peruses through her merchandise offerings.
  • Getting Charlie’s take on John Hinckley, Jr.’s release along with Squeakers Frommer, Sara Jane Moore, Charlie Manson and John Wayne Gacy stories.
  • Malaysian Flight MH370’s pilot used a flight simulator to take the flight over the Indian Ocean.

Drew, Marc and TRUDI NEWS!

July 18, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew, Marc and Trudi Host
  • RNC convention is under way…
  • In keeping with the radicalized Muslim trend, the Nice trucker had a 73 year old male lover apparently.
  • Jenny McCarthy delivers quite the interview of Tara Reid and Sharknado 4.
  • Let’s get a call in to Mr. Skin.  Check out his new podcast!
  • During call to Mr. Skin, a revisit to Chet Chit Chat.
  • The anchor that is the new Ghostbusters movie.
  • Wisconsin sheriff David Clarke is not too thrilled with CNN’s Don Lemon.
  • Marc has a SIST regarding Baton Rouge mayor Kip Holden.
  • Breaking news out of Germany – 17 year old Afghan goes on axattack on a train.
  • Gavin Long, his rental car and other details emerging.
  • Do you think there should be such an uproar over Officer Robot?
  • The Nice trucker asked for the heaviest truck.
  • Roger Ailes is to be removed from his post by Rupert Murdoch.  Rupe must not be a fan of the red raw meat.  Roger seemed such a champ in his younger days.
  • Did you catch Trump and Pence on 60 Minutes.  Mike just can’t take his eyes off of The Donald.  Marc points out that Pence thinks Trump is “amazing”.
  • Tony Schwartz, author of “The Art Of The Deal” (or is he?) doesn’t think Trump is amazing.
  • Scott Baio and Antonio Sabato, Jr. are speaking at the RNC.  Did you see Scott’s tweet about Hillary?
  • If you’re a cop, don’t go to the Taco Bell in Phenix City, Alabama.
  • How about we call some Trumpers?
  • It’s the 45 year anniversary of Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick.
  • It’s also the 20 year anniversary of TWA Flight 800.
  • Charlie LeDuff (@Charlieleduff) from Fox 2 Detroit calls in!

Sunday Night Special Show with Drew Lane

Download the Show | July 17, 2016

Screenshot 2016-07-17 22.10.46.png

  • Drew and Jay and Charlie
  • Baton Rouge Police Killings
  • Nice, France
  • Gavin Long out of Kansas City, Missouri goes on a shooting spree and kills 3 cops and wounds 3 other cops in Baton Rouge.
  • Charlie calls in from Cleveland
  • Is Will Ferrell moving from Los Angeles to Ann Arbor?
  • You gonna go see the latest Mitch Albom production of Ernie Harwell?
  • FINALLY the last 10 songs of the Free Press Motown song countdown!Screenshot 2016-07-17 22.13.05.png

Drew, Marc and Charlie LeDuff

July 8, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew, Charlie and Marc Host
  • The Creem documentary
  • Barack Obama dons Muslim garb for his half-brother’s wedding.
  • Sniper attacks on Dallas police kill 5 officers.  Suspect Micah Xavier Johnson is taken out with an explosives robot.
  • Charlie gets to know some of Drew’s neighbors.
  • Would you take a dump in Roger Ailes’ bathroom?
  • As requested from yesterday’s show:  Kordell Stewart drops!
  • Allegedly Philando Castile matched the description of a burglar in the area ahead of his being shot.
  • Ficano might be elected as a judge just over his namesake.  How about the failed Wayne County jail project and the costs involved?
  • What happened to respecting and complying with police officers?
  • 80’s and 90’s with Sean Penn movies, Madonna songs, Duran Duran
  • Kwame Kilpatrick has extinguished his hopes of any early release or appeal.
  • Following a gig with the Detroit Fire Department, Charlie tells us that the 4th of July is the new Devil’s Night in Detroit.
  • Charles Pugh is extradited back to Detroit to face charges.
  • Are Trump and Hillary taking a back seat to the other unbelievable headlines?

Drew and Mike, #40

July 1, 2016 | Download the Show


  • Drew and Charlie LeDuff Host
  • Drew’s paper pile.
  • Charlie is riding with the Detroit Fire Department tonight with GoPro in hand.
  • Johnny Manziel plans to go sober in a day or so.
  • Charlie and Drew swap DUI stories.
  • DTE Energy has plans for a downtown park.
  • Charlie takes mild exception to being told to put up porch railings.
  • iTunes ranking is in the 30’s, please help us get back into the 20’s.
  • The girl that claimed Frank Smoger chucked her in the river… lied.
  • Do you think we’re the ones to consult about fireworks safety?
  • Lenny Dkystra Interview Review
  • John Wayne Gacy drops.
  • More and more teachers seem to be banging their students.
  • Human traffickers are trying to appeal to Uber drivers now?

Drew and Mike, #35

June 25, 2016 | Download the File


  • Drew, Charlie and Trudi Host
  • Charlie is fresh off of the latest Fox 2 Let It Rip and the Charles Pugh story.
  • Frank Smoger tosses a 13 year old girl into the river.
  • The FBI is claiming there is no proof that Orlando shooter was gay?  Let’s hear an interview from one of his alleged boyfriends.
  • A doctor trained in Sudan and from the Flint area is suspected of associated with ISIS.
  • Someone in the Iwo Jima picture is misidentified.
  • Rumors of past presidents.  Who was hotter, Marilyn Monroe or Jackie Onassis?
  • Who was Prince Harry’s real father?
  • Did Hillary Clinton demoralize Secret Service staff?
  • Guns N’ Roses kicked off their 2016 tour in Detroit.  Jay didn’t witness any Axl tardiness or meltdowns, just a lot of wardrobe changes.  This of course takes us through some of Axl’s meltdowns back in the day.
  • Charlie informs us of the dire situations at the Cook County’s jail.

Drew and Mike #031 – With Charlie LeDuff

June 20, 2016 | Download the File


  • Charlie on largest prison block in Cook County.
  • Gun made it past security at Detroit City Hall?
  • The FBI releases the transcript of the Orlando shooter’s 911 call.
  • People on a no-fly list being able to or not being able to acquire firearms?
  • OJ documentaries.
  • How quality were the cuff links that The Donald gave to Charlie Sheen?
  • Have any favorite songs with misunderstood lyrics?  Email us.
  • Did Trudi send Charlie an 8 track virus?
  • Drew suffers for a couple of years on a turntable / cassette deck repair.
  • Charlie squats on a squatter the way that only Charlie can do!
  • Drew takes us through the Merry Pranksters and “Magic Trip“.
  • Charlie’s gonna do it!  He’s taking the full Route 66 junket!
  • Discussing other travels, we learn about Bisbee and Doug Stanhope.
  • Charlie’s update on the Flint water crisis.
  • There is a fundraiser for the Avalon Village in Highland Park.  It will be at the American Coney Island at 114 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI  48226.  Tuesday 21 Jun 2016 from 6 to 8 PM.  If you can’t make it there, please consider a donation to the Avalon Village Kickstarter campaign.

Drew and Mike #24

June 10, 2016 | Download the File


  • Drew and Charlie LeDuff host
  • Gordie “Mr. Hockey” Howe Dies at 88
  • Charlie tells us about the status of the Flint water situation and how the replacing of pipes is going.
  • Darren McCarty at the Cannabis Cup in Clio among all the stoner hotties
  • So many people (even on death row) get wrongfully imprisoned.
  • Will James Tolbert face charges in the Davontae Sanford case?
  • How many police operate in your town?
  • OJ documentary.
  • Rosey Grier was sat next to The Juice on a flight as well as was at the Robert Kennedy assassination.
  • Far too much time has passed without conducting… a Harris Poll!
  • Drew takes us through this week in Rock ‘n’ Roll history.
  • Charlie covered a sad story on “The Americans” about Shamayim Harris who lost her baby and is trying to better the city of Highland Park and Avalon St.  Please consider donating to her Kickstarter campaign.  Thanks!

Drew and Mike #019

May 28, 2016 | Download the File | Download via iTunes (DO THIS IF YOU CAN).

  • Drew and Charlie Host
  • Rich Cohen, author of the Rolling Stones book “The Sun & The Moon & The Rolling Stones”.
  • Rich reminds us of the Lick Jagger incident with Ron Wood on SNL back in 1978.
  • Rich tells us about Mick’s confidence level with Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters nearby.
  • Drew tells us about “Beggar’s Banquet”.
  • Donald Trump still at it and now it is “Pocahontas”.


  • Out of control shootings in Detroit, even over Kool-Aid?
  • What’s the worst bet you’ve lost, guys?  Bad enough to get breast implants?
  • Well if you have, at least there’s a new bra out to accentuate the side boob look.
  • Is Hillary Clinton hooked on pills?
  • Charlie Sheen apparently owes American Express quite a bit.
  • Heather Locklear gets dumped over a throwback pic with Tommy Lee.
  • Jamie Foxx takes his Rolls Royce through a Chick-Fil-A.
  • John Travolta in drag.
  • Phil Mickelson is involved in some insider trading?
  • Does Jessica Simpson have fake boobs?
  • Casey Anthony out and about buying a new car and allegedly giving sexual favors to her attorney Jose Baez to cover legal costs.
  • On the subject of chick murderers, this brings up Jodi Arias and Amy Fisher.
  • Remember our story about the $4 million house in the new Red Wing stadium construction zone?  Let’s get a call into “Eric” for his take on it.
  • Melissa Gilbert drops out of her congressional race… and owes the IRS $470,000.
  • Speaking of owing money, Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley.
  • Thank you to all the vets out there past and present!  Happy Memorial Day!

Drew and Mike #017

May 25, 2016 | Download the Episode | Download from iTunes

  • Hosts: Drew, Trudi and Marc
  • We’ve outsourced the logo work out of state…  Thanks to Laura out of North Carolina for what looks to be the one!


  • Drew’s shovel has become a landmark in town.
  • As busy as the Detroit Police are with fighting crime in the city, they make time for the “Running Man” video.
  • Charlie LeDuff has a great story on “The Americans” about a lady living out of her car which costs her $6,600 per year for insurance.
  • Lots of email coming in about assigned movie theater seats.  Some support it, Drew not so much.
  • First its $6,600 per year for a woman’s car insurance in Detroit, how about $6,500 a day for Rick Snyder’s legal tab?
  • More and more millenials are living with their parents beyond the age of 18.
  • Drew Peterson is back in the news after plotting to have the Mike Ditka lookalike prosecutor killed.
  • Gary Condit is also back in the news.
  • Joseph Gentz… is he well endowed and having a square head to match his square jaw?
  • Trudi is concerned about Johnny Depp’s looks these days.
  • Layne Staley and dental issues.
  • Led Zeppelin vs. Spirit – Is the jury pool being tainted?
  • Reviewing Bill Cosby’s lawsuit and Michael Jackson dancing on the car.
  • Radiohead performed “Creep” live for the first time in 7 years.  Marc compares it to The Hollies and “The Air That I Breathe”.
  • Laith Al-Saadi performs “Rocky Mountain Way” with Joe Walsh on “The Voice”.  Marc digs the voicebox.
  • Price opened for The Rolling Stones and then never opened for anyone else ever again.
  • Dan Rather is doing a rather different documentary for his style.
  • Hillary ranting about Trump.
  • Trump ranting about protestors.
  • Going back to the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner, did Obama and Seth Meyers trigger The Donald to run for president?

Drew and Mike Podcast #014

May 20, 2016 | Download the Episode | Download from iTunes

  • Drew and Charlie LeDuff
  • Show notes from the official podcast team
  • Egypt Air Flight 804.
  • Feds investigating Detroit over abandoned housing demolition costs
  • What exactly are our taxes paying for these days?
  • Drew takes us through some tabloid headlines to include Prince Charles getting all kissy-face with a dude, John Edwards and the small thumbs, and the little black book of Heidi Fleiss.


  • O.J. never paid Robert Shapiro?  Is it any surprise the gloves didn’t fit?
  • How about a revisit to the Bob Crane story?
  • Oh no!  Justin Bieber isn’t taking pictures with fans anymore?
  • Got an hour or two?  Let’s run through Madonna’s boyfriend list.
  • Charlie likes the Carpenters.  How about you?
  • A new poll suggests that two thirds of Americans couldn’t pay a $1,000 surprise bill.
  • Mitch Albom…  “Hockey, The Musical”.  Really?
  • Dick Enberg knows a fat cat when he sees one.
  • Charlie’s wife calls us from Vegas.
  • The NAACP is suing the city of Flint.
  • From Chernobyl to Hiroshima… the after effects of nuclear catastrophe.
  • Please remember to listen to us via iTunes if you’re able to which helps our iTunes ranking.  Also keep sending in logo ideas.  Thanks!


Drew and Mike Podcast #09

May 13, 2016 – Podcast #009 Download (Host: Drew and Charlie LeDuff)

  • Show notes by official Drew and Mike Podcast
  • Did you read Detroit’s own Creem magazine? Scott Crawford is putting together a forthcoming documentary on it. Boy howdy, let’s drop him a call!
  • There have been a number of other great rock documentaries such as Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister.
  • “John Miller” was Donald Trump’s publicist… or was he? What is The Don’s take on this?
  • Is it just Charlie or does Matt Lauer look more and more like a garden gnome
  • Charlie’s Harley Davidson is for sale.
  • Drew tells us of his older brother’s days with the Triumph.
  • Let’s see if we can get any more out of the Mateen Cleaves story with a call to the motel.
  • Flint’s mayor might have been routing donations for the water crisis to her own
  • PAC fund? Donate button on her website suspiciously isn’t working all of a sudden.
  • Drew reaches his radio dream making $30,000 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Charlie is going turkey hunting! Let’s hope he doesn’t go all Cheney and shoot his buddy.
  • Gambling and Vegas.
  • Will Fox 2 approve of Charlie doing a special on hitchhiking Route 66?

Drew and Mike Podcast – #004

May 6, 2016 — Podcast #004 Download (Host: Drew and Charlie LeDuff)

  • Show notes by official Drew and Mike Podcast
  • 01:49:52 Hours
  • Drew and Charlie LeDuff Host
  • We learn that Charlie is in need of some 8 tracks from folks since he’s down to 2 for his Cadillac.
  • Rob Ford, the mayoral mess from Toronto.
  • Housing comparisons between Drew and Charlie.
  • Charlie gets a solid 5 Wood smack of a golf ball over the Mexican border wall.. and proceeds to climb over it.
  • Is Trump a racist for wanting to build the wall? His taco bowl pic is making the rounds.
  • Getting to know Drew’s dogs (Layla and Maggs) along with Charlie’s miracle diet plan for Maggs.
  • Comparing Prince and Michael Jackson.
  • A walk down memory lane with the OJ Simpson and Robert Blake trials.
  • Sinead O’Connor being sued by Arsenio Hall.
  • Prince’s last meal.
  • Kyle Andrew Bessemer admits to spraying poison on open produce at various stores but what about his hair and eyebrows?
  • Federal investigation into the surprising and escalating costs of demolishing abandoned homes in Detroit.
  • Detroit Public Schools – Would you donate $500,000 to schools with such corruption? Ellen Degeneres did… or did she?
  • Rehashing Leah Remini and the Tom Cruise antics with Charlie
  • Charlie brings up the connection of Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley. Apparently they were shtupping the same chick.
  • Getting into astronomy, let’s hear about why stars don’t twinkle over Los Angeles.
  • Drew doesn’t need to drive at night with headlights on… as long as it is between Phoenix and Vegas.
  • Dinner with the Schwarzeneggers. Be sure to dress appropriately.
  • We’re confident you haven’t heard enough of the Flint water situation, so let’s cover it some more.
  • Captain and Tennille… divorcing? But Tennille sounded like such a darling of a person when Drew & Mike called the Captain and her back in the day.
  • Drop us an email at Mail@DrewAndMikePodcast.Com and please spread the word about the show!

Drew and Mike Podcast #003

May 6, 2016 – Podcast #003 Download (Host: Drew and Mike)

  • Show notes by Jeff
  • 2:12:02 Hours
  • Facebook feedback is overwhelming
  • Email the guys:
  • Kentucky Derby
  • Jim Nabors Singing at the Indy 500
  • Mike’s 3D Printing Story
  • Prince News
  • Justin Verlander and Kate Upton
  • Jenn Sterger interview with George Stephanopoulos
  • Donald Trump Vs. Hillary


  • Trump vs. Megan Kelly
  • Leah Remini’s book on Scientology
  • Break – Music: Candy Iggy Pop
  • How Donald Trump wins in November
  • Charlie LeDuff golfing at the border
  • Obnoxious Promposals

Drew and Mike Podcast is LIVE!

May 4, 2016 – Podcast #001 Download (Host: Drew and Mike)

  • Show notes by Jeff
  • 1:98:04 Hour Show
  • Drew and Mike are back
  • Opening Theme – Momma Miss America by Paul McCartney
  • Mike’s only committed to two days a week
  • Drew will do five shows a week
  • Mike Swears
  • Why do a podcast?
  • Mike’s Dad never use porn?
  • TMZ Story – Sinead O’Connor, Arsenio Hall, and Prince
  • Carmen Electra and Prince


  • Wolf Blitzer is a moron
  • Balloon Boy
  • Arsenio Hall
  • Prince in and out of the hospital a billion times
  • One Hour Break
  • Justin Verlander and Kate Upon engaged
  • Drew likes fat chicks
  • Jim Harbaugh’s wife is hot
  • Transgender Bathroom Nonsense
  • Bruce Springsteen boycotting North Carolina
  • Target opens their bathroom to everyone
  • Jay the engineer working with Drew and Mike
  • Police watching woman breastfeeding via iPhone – Detroit Free Press Story
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Mike Clark emails Kid Rock
  • Cheap Trick at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Ted Nugent and others black-listed from the Hall
  • The song All By Myself Sucks
  • Mike loves his Facebook friend
  • Drew falls asleep in his muffin
  • Gov. Snyder drinking Flint Water
  • The Mayor of Flint bares some responsibility in this Flint mess
  • Charlie LeDuff will be hosting with Drew on Friday
  • Detroit and demolition debacle – LeDuff is all over it
  • That’s a wrap!