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Download the Show | August 5, 2016

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  • Drew, Marc and Charlie Host
  • Charlie breaks the story on Jim Wright, Deputy Director from Detroit’s Building Authority resigning abruptly.
  • Ahhh, the good ole days of H. Ross Perot and the giant sucking sound.
  • So a 90 year old man goes and hires a prostitute who allegedly steals a necklace from him and decides to call the cops.
  • Joe Myers survives an unbelievable car accident.
  • We have to live through a horrible “Today Show” promo for the Olympics complete with Matt Lauer, who incidentally got a bit emotional with a Hollywood medium concerning his late father.
  • With Charlie here, of course he has to take more shots at Drew’s place.  He’s been banned from all but two rooms in the house and to using the side entrance.
  • Costs of cable TV are outrageous.  Are you cutting the cable?
  • Reminiscing on Julie Christie and Warren Beatty in “Shampoo” leads Charlie to tell us about height-challenged actors.
  • Charles Pugh is bound over for trial.  Marc takes us through the tweets from court.
  • Orlando Bloom decides to go nude paddleboarding with Katy Perry.
  • Water park in France is having a “burkini-only” event.  Outrage!
  • George Zimmerman gets decked for bragging about the Trayvon Martin incident.
  • Revisiting the Ira Einhorn history.
  • Obama is asked if he could win a gold medal in the Olympics, what event would it be in?  This causes a mild dispute between Marc and Charlie.
  • The final beam is placed in the new Red Wings arena, but at what cost to the taxpayers?
  • Some Tigers talk, but oh wait… Olympics opening ceremonies distract Marc.
  • Oh no!!!  Caitlyn Jenner‘s show got cancelled.
  • Charlie took a trip to Baton Rouge  to get some more detail on theAlton Sterling shooting in a story coming up Tuesday and we hear about some of his fascinating heritage!
  • Chicago police release some body cam footage of the shooting of Paul O’Neal.
  • A goat is on the receiving end of Freddie’s WADsworth.
  • Let’s get a call into the father of the 10 year old boy that declared “Take that bitch down!” referring to Hillary at a Trump rally in Virginia.

Drew and Marc and Joey and Tom

July 5, 2016 | Download the Show

DM podcast

  • Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell), Joey Morasso (@JVictor1982) and Mr. Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) today!
  • Tom gives his opinion of the studio.
  • Tom is all in when it comes to the ABC reboots of the classic TV game shows such as $100,000 Pyramid with Michael Strahan.
  • Marc tells us the final outcome of the Auto Blow 2 and how Julie may grow to regret it.
  • Uproar in Highland Park over “free houses“.  Time for a Harris Poll.
  • Things got a bit out of hand in South Haven during the 4th of July.
  • Movie reviews to include “The Martian”, “Gravity”, “Mission To Mars” and for Maz, “The Godfather”.
  • Maz tells us his take on the 105.1 ending and his “icon souvenir” on his phone of the 105.1 app.
  • Baseball talk and the 2016 ESPN “Body” issue.
  • Marc wonders why Caitlyn Jenner is on the “Where Are They Now?” Sport Illustrated edition when we have seen plenty of her over the years.
  • Can you guess the NFL running back that opted for sleeping in his car with his girlfriend… in a pond?
  • Several movies have phone numbers posted in them.  Are they legit?
  • Marc, Maz, Joey and Brandon are all on the market for new gigs.  Maz considers pharmacy work or competitive Uber driving versus Marc.
  • Maz is digging the Drew & Mike Green Room.
  • Need a quick and easy divorce?  Go to Mumbai, India.
  • Getting deeper into the new Lenny Dykstra book “House of Nails”.
  • Zack Hample just loves balls… baseballs that is.  All 9,093 of them.

Drew and Mike Podcast #008

May 12, 2016 – Podcast #008 Download (Host: Drew and Mike)

  • Show notes by official Drew and Mike Podcast
  • If this show isn’t fulfilling your entertainment needs, you can always tune into 910 AM with Ficano, Christine Beatty and others.
  • George Zimmerman is trying to auction off the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin.
  • Clark takes us through a story from his EMS days.
  • Let’s talk to Mary who… uh, um… had a vag overhaul? What can’t Dr. Gregory Roche do?
  • Amber Alert today with a girl named Sapphire Palmer apparently abducted by a sex offender named Doug Stanko.
  • It seems Flint residents will no longer have to pay their water bill for the disgusting water, whereas Detroit regularly doesn’t pay its water bills.
  • Matt Riley and Maureen pay the studio a visit!
  • Did Prince have full blown AIDS in the end? Paisley Park has cameras all over including the elevator. Is there a chance that Prince’s death was caught on video?
  • Are you going to the “Desert Trip” concert?
  • Caitlyn Jenner is marrying a fellow transgender… Candis Cayne.
  • Katie Holmes has a new choice of penis.
  • Phil Spector who is in jail for life is divorcing his wife.
  • A painful revisit of Sumner Redstone and the threesomes with Bob Evans.
  • Charlie LeDuff tomorrow and some more on the federal investigation into Detroit’s abandoned home demolition.
  • Max Scherzer struck out 20 Tigers.
  • A new Rolling Stones book is out.
  • Matt and Drew take us through a Bruce Springsteen concert. Have you heard Bruce’s tribute to Price with “Purple Rain”?
  • Some initial highlights of “Van Halen Rising” to include David Lee Roth in the “Red Ball Jet” days.
  • Let’s wrap it with Bruce Springsteen’s tribute to David Bowie “Rebel Rebel”.