Drew and Marc – 9/13/16

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  • Drew and Marc hosting
  • Did we get Andy Dick blocked?
  • Jim Harbaugh responds to the booger-eating claim.
  • Marc brings in his Muppets painting and reminisces over “Can You Picture That“.
  • Ebron declares “We got a great tight end“.
  • Megatron on “Dancing With The Stars”.
  • Protesting at Lyin’ Lochte on “Dancing With The Stars”.
  • How do people have all this time for protesting?  Didn’t we think the day didn’t have enough hours in it?
  • Drunk guy hits the field during 49ers / Rams game.
  • Jeff Daniels declares the Lions have totally redeemed themselves.
  • Oh goodie… even attention-seeking high schoolers are protesting the National Anthem now?
  • History of the National Anthem being played at sporting events.
  • Adam Jones discusses the demographics in baseball.
  • Kid Rock has a choice word for Colin Kaepernick.
  • Crazy Eddie has passed away.  His commercials are IN-SANE!!!
  • Lots of Facebook comments regarding BranDON’s truck fire.
  • Bill Clinton doesn’t really help the case regarding Hillary’s health concerns.  But will she “peg” an intern?
  • Let’s get a call in to BranDON for an update on the truck.
  • Did Hillary Clinton have  an undercover nurse on-hand?
  • Dr. Bennet Omalu thinks Hillary was poisoned.
  • Hillary seems to contradict herself on “2 times” versus “a few times”.
  • Urban Meyer, Ambien and Marc’s vindication.
  • Burke Ramsey, brother of JonBenet Ramsey, smiles during Dr. Phil interview discussing his sister’s murder.
  • Did Moooooomm! Patsy Ramsey’s handwriting match the ransom note?
  • Tom Brady shows no emotion during the Cardinals game.
  • South Park and Colin Kaepernick.
  • Hazel Park cops make a couple of ladies shake their tits.
  • Bill Clinton asked for favors from the Laureate University in Malaysia.
  • If you’re lucky, you can land Ashly as your roommate.

Drew and Mike #020

June 6, 2016 | Download the Episode Directly | Download via iTunes


  • Drew and Mike Host
  • 02:28:19 Hours Long
  • Back with Drew and Mike!
  • Would-be assassin is enjoying visits with mom and guitar lessons?
  • Bill Clinton’s half-brother Roger Clinton busted for DUI.
  • Does wanting a more secure border and associated wall make Donald Trump a racist?
  • Muhammad Ali passes away.  Remember those days with Ali and Howard Cosell?
  • The Miss USA pageant was scant on brains and boobs.
  • Circling back to Donald Trump, let’s talk to Mr. Bob Guillo and get his take on Donald Trump University.
  • As Trudi rightfully pointed out, Johnny Depp is looking rather haggard.
  • What’s your take on Harambe gorilla incident from the Cincinnati Zoo?
  • Did you catch the National Anthem covered by Carlos and Cindy Santana at the NBA Finals?
  • Drew re-reads “The Life And Times Of Phil Hartman” by Mike Thomas with rediscovered tidbits of how it went down with Brynn.