Drew wants to teach Andrew Firestone to kiss


Download the clip here.


Mike’s Gallbladder Story Reaction

May 1, 2003 | Download the File

  • Mike and Marc pregame show
  • LSD Replay for yesterday
  • Show Open
  • Male Shaving
  • Seinfeld Shrinkage
  • The Bachelor with Andrew Firestone
  • Trudi News
  • Swinging dicks
  • Guys Shaving Everything
  • Trenyce eliminated on Idol
  • Dixie Chicks leaving country music
  • John Smyntek Article on Mike’s Gallbladder Story
  • Bob Boner – Medical Cures with Beaumont
  • Punk’d Nick Lachey
  • Drew and Mike discover friend of the show Dax Shepard on Punk’d
  • ESPN Top Ten Animals who have been hurt in sporting events
  • Dax’s Mom calls the show
  • Ford Lawsuit Letters to the editor
  • Deena Centofanti on Mike’s Gallbladder Story
  • Drew wants to teach Andrew Firestone to kiss
  • Listener EmailsTrudi News
    – GWB will make a big speech today. What will become the ” Mission Accomplished speech” speech.

The Real Cancun Drew and Mike Show

April 24, 2003 | Download the show

  • LT – My Mouth’s Not Open by Bob Rivers
  • Marc Pregame Show
  • Evan Marriott interview
  • the Show begins
  • Pistons woman pops her top
  • Pistons recap
  • American Idol recap
  • Drew wants to teach Andrew Firestone to kiss
  • The Real Cancun
  • Trudi News
  • The Real Cancun
  • Laura from the Real Cancun
  • Select-a-Slut Phone Sex Line
  • Fred McLeod on the Pistons
  • Trudi News
  • Listener Phone Calls