Drew and Mike #13 Online

  • Recorded on May 19, 2016 | Hosts: Drew, Marc and Trudi
  • 2:02:39 Hours Long
  • Morley Safer of 60 Minutes has passed away at 84.
  • In the scam news: A charity for firefighters and Rusty Peterson from Anytime Fitness going poof.  Let’s call him.
  • Speaking of things going poof…  Egypt Air Flight 804 disappears during flight.  Get ready for the media getting the facts wrong in the rush for “You heard it here first”.
  • 100 year old baggle Ella Mae Colbert makes a world record 40 yard dash.  Elder abuse by her nephew?
  • Trudi takes notice of Greg Louganis (or some might pronounce the last name otherwise) and his Wheaties box cover photo.
  • Can’t get enough Trump and Hillary bashing.
  • Some pay at strip clubs for being sprayed by breast milk or drinking from the tap?Trump-Hillary-Bill-01.jpg
  • Small businesses named “Trump”.
  • Reflections of Woodstock.
  • Robert Plant and Jimmy Page facing plagiarism lawsuit for “Stairway To Heaven” sounding like Spirit’s “Taurus”.
  • Mr. Skin Review from yesterday
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