Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford

Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford’s odd relationship caught on video. Plus, the Ally McBeal Song.

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The Nathaniel Abraham bet – Drew wins

On June 22, 2003 Trudi asked a simple question: How long before after Nathaniel Abraham is released before he gets in trouble again? Then a bet is made:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.02.34 AM.png

Here are the gang’s guesses:

  • Drew – Eight Months
  • Mike – A Week
  • Trudi – Six Months

Nathaniel Abraham is officially released from state custody:

Then, after 1 year, 4 months and 5 days:

Nathaniel Abraham is arrested for possession of a controlled Substance and delivery and manufacture of Methamphetamine:

  • May 30, 2008

Looks like Drew was the closest at 8 months. He is currently at Chippewa Correctional Facility.

Thong Man dies 44 days after talking with Drew and Mike

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Drew and Mike interviewed Joseph Gottschalk on May 8, 2003. He lived in  San Antonio, Texas and gained notoriety in 2003 because he had a preference for riding his bicycle in only his thong. 44 days later, on June 21st, Mr. Gottschalk was found dead in Big Bend National Park. His death was eventually ruled a suicide.



Drew Lane Vs. Drew Sharp – 2003

On April 29, 2003 Drew Sharp wrote a column for the Detroit Free Press saying Pistons head coach, Rick Carlisle was on the verge of being fired. The Pistons were down 1-3 to the Orlando Magic in the second round of the NBA playoffs. The Pistons went on to win the next three game to take the series. Sharp took some major criticism from just about everyone in Detroit sports, from fans, journalists to sports radio.

In this clip, he comes on WRIF just prior to the Detroit/Philadelphia series and refuses to admit he was wrong. He goes on to predict Detroit would lose to Philly in 6. The Pistons ended up beating the 76ers in six games however. Then as we all know, they won the NBA championship the following year.


May 9, 2003

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  • Show Open
  • Ted Nugent Jap Controversy
  • Sarah Kozer on the show
  • Carnie Wilson gaining weight
  • Wolter’s Loves the show Friends
  • Ted Nugent Jap Controversy
  • Trudi News/Sports
  • Mike Price SI Story
  • National Inquirer on Scott Peterson
  • Sarah Kozer Interview
  • Trudi News
  • Palace Vision Director Interview
  • Is American Idol being fixed?
  • PMS Myth Interview
  • Listener Emails and calls

Does Lucy Noland have a new dress?

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  • Show Open6dd0d0f1fd122b96504d59aede48a04f.jpg
  • BFF Auction Preview
  • Josh Gracin Vote Off AI
  • Lucy Nolan wearing fishnets?
  • Drew thinks Lucy is wearing a new dress
  • Email about Wesley Willis
  • Wesley Willis Song
  • Mother’s Day Coming Up
  • Sports Illustrated Story On Alabama Coach Price
  • Bestfriend Auction Interview
  • Trudi News
  • Jessica Lynch Story Holes?
  • Sports
  • Fake Aretha Franklin Phone Call
  • Drew and Mike voted Best Morning Radio Show in Detroit
  • Mike Price Alabama SI Story
  • Interview with Joseph Gottschalk, Crazy Thong Man
  • Trudi News
  • Tina Fabulous voted off the Bachelor
  • Avril Lavigne and Metallica’s Lars
  • Bestfriend Auction Interview Replay
  • Trudi News
  • Jenny Jones Reality TV Hotties
  • Sports
  • Eric Williams PSA
  • Pam Ward and Jenny Jones – Audio Seperated at Birth
  • Aretha Franklin Yard News
  • Fake Aretha Franklin Phone Call
  • Simpsons Al Jean Interview
  • Trudi News/Sports

May 7, 2003

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  • American Idol – Clay Akin Bombsmmagjuly2009p62reality03
  • Pistons
  •  American Mullet
  • Weasley Willis Mullet Song
  • Trudi News
  • American Idol
  • Sports
  • Fake Aretha Franklin Interview
  • American Idol – SORRY!
  • Newsweek Stories – Hillary, Bush, Iraq
  • Patriot Act and Libraries
  • Old Man Hole in One (114 Yard)
  • Trudi News
  • American Idol
  • Chef ID
  • Tina “Fabulous” Interview
  • American Mullet Replay
  • Trudi News
  • Sports
  • Madonna Documentary
  • Mother’s Day

Mike’s Gallbladder Story Reaction

May 1, 2003 | Download the File

  • Mike and Marc pregame show
  • LSD Replay for yesterday
  • Show Open
  • Male Shaving
  • Seinfeld Shrinkage
  • The Bachelor with Andrew Firestone
  • Trudi News
  • Swinging dicks
  • Guys Shaving Everything
  • Trenyce eliminated on Idol
  • Dixie Chicks leaving country music
  • John Smyntek Article on Mike’s Gallbladder Story
  • Bob Boner – Medical Cures with Beaumont
  • Punk’d Nick Lachey
  • Drew and Mike discover friend of the show Dax Shepard on Punk’d
  • ESPN Top Ten Animals who have been hurt in sporting events
  • Dax’s Mom calls the show
  • Ford Lawsuit Letters to the editor
  • Deena Centofanti on Mike’s Gallbladder Story
  • Drew wants to teach Andrew Firestone to kiss
  • Listener EmailsTrudi News
    – GWB will make a big speech today. What will become the ” Mission Accomplished speech” speech.

April 30, 2003

April 30, 2003 | Download the Show

  • Marc and Mike PreShow
  • Wrong Number Replay
  • Drew and Mike Intro and Tease
  • Mike’s Fox 2 gallbladder story
  • Hillary Clinton Hypocrite
  • Jack Osbourne Drinking Problem
  • Trudi News
  • Sports
  • Would you have an affair with your sister in law?
  • American Idol
  • Misc Chat
  • Trying to talk to inventor of LSD
  • Trudi News
  • Sports
  • Bachelor Chick Interview, Ann Michelle
  • American Idol
  • Flatulence Deodorizer Replay
  • Madonna on Today Show
  • Trudi News
  • Sports

April 28, 2003

April 28, 2003 | Download the file

  • Marc and Mike Pregame Show
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • The NFL draft recap
  • Pistons game last night
  • Boston Matheron Portajohn problem replay
  • Show Opens
  • Magic 105.1 is part of the family
  • Prince Rainier Daughter Stephanie
  • Head in the Cloud movie with Penélope Cruz and Charlize Theron
  • Forever Love
  • Gigli movie looks really bad
  • ‘Bloids
  • Charles Rogers Drafted
  • Drew and Mike place $20 bet on Lucy Nolands dress
  • Charles Rogers Audio
  • Trudi News
  • Married with Children True Hollywood Stories
  • Bush in Dearborn
  • Is Saddam alive?
  • Meet and Greet with Joe Millionaire
  • Trudi News
  • Drew is losing his voice
  • Frank Turner loves sugar
  • Wolters fills in for Sports
  • Movie Reviews:
  • Cancon Movie
  • Road Trip
  • 14 year old marries 42 year old
  • Joe Millionaire and Janet
  • Sinatra and the Dark Side of Camelot article from Playboy
  • Trudi News



Dixie Chicks – Drew and Mike

April 25, 2003 | Download the file

  • Marc and Mike Pregame Show
  • Select-a-Slut Phone Sex Line
  • The Show Open
  • Michael Jackson special
  • Scott Peterson Theory of the ‘Bloids
  • Dixie Chicks Primetime Interview
  • Great Dennis Miller Comedy
  • Trudi News
  • – SARS
  • – Scott Peterson
  • – OJ News
  • Sports
  • – High Schooler LeBron James heading to the NBA
  • Boston Marathon Bathroom Problem
  • Tom Wilson Pistons and Concerts
  • Listener Phone calls on Dixie Chicks
  • Trudi News
  • – Bush is confident on the Tax cut
  • Crack Yankers Funny Phone Call
  • Lisa Lampanelli Interview
  • 30 Minutes of Scott Peterson Case Review
  • Trudi News
  • – Dixie Chicks on Primetime Live
  • – SARS
  • – Peterson on Primetime Live
  • Jill Underwood Interview on Scott Peterson Case
  • Trudi News

The Real Cancun Drew and Mike Show

April 24, 2003 | Download the show

  • LT – My Mouth’s Not Open by Bob Rivers
  • Marc Pregame Show
  • Evan Marriott interview
  • the Show begins
  • Pistons woman pops her top
  • Pistons recap
  • American Idol recap
  • Drew wants to teach Andrew Firestone to kiss
  • The Real Cancun
  • Trudi News
  • The Real Cancun
  • Laura from the Real Cancun
  • Select-a-Slut Phone Sex Line
  • Fred McLeod on the Pistons
  • Trudi News
  • Listener Phone Calls